Work Environment Impacts Performance: Design Tips You Need To Know

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Work Environment Impacts Performance: Design Tips You Need To Know

corporate art consultantA quick image search of Google’s offices makes one thing clear: they are anything but drab. Google’s offices are full of bright pops of color, striking artwork, one-of-a-kind architectural designs, and fun extras, like slides, rock climbing walls, and putting greens.

What can everyday businesses learn from the search giant and its exceptional office spaces? The most important takeaway is that work environments matter. Office design directly impacts employee satisfaction, happiness, and productivity. Follow these design tips for an office that is hip, trendy, and full of hard-working employees.

Learn the Benefits Of Art In The Workplace

Enlisting the help of a corporate art consultant may have more benefits than you think. With the right art, employers can drastically shift their employees’ mindsets and boost their productivity levels. Here is just a snapshot of what businesses stand to gain by working with a corporate art consultant:

  • Happier employees. The question crops up again and again during job interviews: Do you bring emotional stress from family and relationships to work with you? While it is ideal to be able to compartmentalize stress, another option is giving your employees a leg up and promoting positive moods at work. One way to do that is art. According to a University of Westminster study, viewing art naturally lowers stress hormones. In fact, artwork can reduce stress levels by as much as 78%.
  • A boon in creativity. Looking at art and appreciating the creativity that goes into it helps employees feel more creative themselves. In a survey, 64% felt more creative while viewing art, and another 77% discovered that they felt more comfortable sharing new opinions and ideas.
  • Heightened problem-solving skills. Appreciating art provokes us to imagine being there or to immerse ourselves in that art, a phenomenon known as embodied cognition, according to Ashford University. Embodied cognition is a key skill for problem-solving. Being able to mentally visualize and work through the problem lends itself to actually solving the problem.

Use Plants, Windows, And Green Spaces To Reduce Workplace Stress

Like artwork, plants significantly lower stress. Plants make people happier, more creative, and more focused. In fact, employers can boost productivity by 17% simply by adding planters with leafy, green plants, small trees, or colorful flowers to the office. Lots of natural lighting and expansive windows also help employees feel connected to the great outdoors.

Select Designs With A Focus On Health

Choose designs that make it clear employee health is a priority. A corporate art consultant can help you choose works to promote employee well-being in terms of happiness and productivity. What about physical health?

Purchase ergonomic chairs for employee workspaces and conference rooms, and invest in standing desks and/or treadmill desks for employees who are conscious about the dangers of sitting for eight-plus hours per day!

Opt For A Mix Of Open And Private Spaces

Large, open spaces encourage employees to collaborate and work together. You can achieve this effect with communal furniture, like long conference tables or round conference tables, open seating areas, and areas with couches and comfortable chairs. Another way to do it is by creating the right atmosphere. Choose white paint or pale wall wraps. Purchase minimalist art for these spaces. All contribute to a feeling of openness and community.

Some employees find it difficult to concentrate on time-sensitive tasks in open environments. For that reason, it is important to have smaller, enclosed spaces, too. Choose bright, energizing colors for these rooms–colors like bold purples and burnt oranges, and decorate with soothing art pieces.

According to a Gallup survey, employees are looking for perks and benefits that enhance their lives. Art inspires us. Art moves us. What better way to improve the office than with well-chosen art, furniture that promotes good health, and enriching plant life? Talk to a corporate art consultant to learn more today.



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