Why You Want To Use Art Boost Your Company’s Culture

Why You Want To Use Art Boost Your Company’s Culture

Art is so human. To create art and appreciate art are things only humans can do. As such, art is an intrinsically necessary part of everyday life. We design our homes to benefit our artistic side, placing art in barren spaces and creating that feeling of home. When you go to work every day and leave the comfort of that creatively loved space, only to replace it with a relatively empty artistic wasteland, it creates an unpleasant feeling that can often go unrecognized.

94% of people feel that artwork creates a welcoming atmosphere at work

A welcoming atmosphere does more than just intrigue potential clients. It makes your employees want to be there. Just think about that. If your employees don’t want to be at work than they aren’t going to enjoy their work. If they don’t enjoy their work they aren’t going to keep doing it, and soon it becomes a cycle of employee turnover that could have – within reason – been averted by creating a welcoming and warm space.

61% of people feel that artwork stimulates creativity

Creativity, innovation, inspiration, imagination. These are all things readily attributed to art. These hot-button words are also frequently used as core values in company cultures. If your hope is to inspire your employees to be more productive then add some art. If you’re thinking that your employees have started getting complacent and are feeling bored, sprucing up the office can help energize your workforce. Simply said, art promotes a stress free workplace.

Art evokes something deep within a person. It doesn’t mean they have to stand there and tilt their head to the side to analyze the artist’s intent. However, the combination of color and form does activate different portions of the brain.

Adding art to the design of your office may not completely rescue a lagging company culture, but it does create a welcoming space your employees can feel at home in. Knowing that such a large percentage of workers have a positive reaction to a well-curated art collection in the workplace, we know that improving the look of the office can improve the mood in the office. And really, what’s more important than that?



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