Why You Should Use an Art Consultant to Pick Out Art for Your Senior Care Home

healing power of art

Why You Should Use an Art Consultant to Pick Out Art for Your Senior Care Home

Art influences society by helping to shape opinions and ideas, and by shifting opinions and ideas that have already been set. It also instills values and translates the artist’s experiences to other people, through space and time. Art is timeless and immortal; the only extensions of ourselves that live on forever. healing power of art

Art has an incredible impact on human beings and animals. Research has proven that working in an office with walls adorned with art boosts the productivity of the workforce. The healing power of art has also led to many hospitals, dental offices, and senior care facilities to buy art pieces for their waiting rooms and pediatric wings.

Choosing art for the workplace or health care facilities can be quite challenging. There is a lot to take into consideration. For example, what will be the composition of the painting? Certain themes and ideas may go against some of your employees’ principles and religious beliefs, creating a storm in the office instead of making it more homely.

This is why it is a good idea to hire an art consultant to help you choose art for senior care homes and healthcare facilities.

1. They Help You Make Strategic Decisions

An art consultant will help you consider all that’s involved in making a smart business decision. Before they recommend any art to you, they carefully consider your aesthetic and style preferences, sizes and scales, and your budget range. This implies that they will only find art they know you will love and that will resonate well with you.

A consultant will also make sure that the art pieces you eventually buy are suitable for the setting you wish to place them in. They will help you find the best artwork for each setting, thus using the healing power of art to make your senior home or hospital more homely and spirited.

2. They Understand How to Use Art to Design a Facility

Due to their experience, art consultants know how to incorporate art into a room’s design. This is why they are an invaluable addition to your senior care home’s design team. They will help give your room ambiance, thus creating an environment you had in mind for your senior care home.

3. They Will Help You Secure Documentation

An art consultant will help you secure the necessary documents for the artwork, which will help validate the authenticity and ensure that the price being asked for reflects the real value of the piece. Obtaining records for current and relatively new work may be simple and straightforward, but masterworks and older pieces may be challenging. This is why you’ll need an art consultant to help you purchase art for your assisted living facility.

An art consultant will make your dream of using the healing power of art in your senior care facility come through faster by helping you secure the documentation.

4. They Can Facilitate Commissions for You

Art consultants move around a lot in the world of art. Through their experience, background, business ventures, and professional connections, they can arrange for commissioning artists to create original art for you. This will help you get precisely the kind of artwork you want for the walls of your assisted living facility.

Art and Its Impact on Life

For a long time, researchers have been interested in the relationship between the human mind and art. In 2013, researchers from Newcastle University reported that looking at contemporary visual art had positive effects on the personal lives of elders living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

A survey of Veterans’ medical centers showed that more than half of them offered patients artwork right by their bedside; 40% have permanent art collections, rotating art exhibitions, and sculptures.

Pictures and other artwork for healthcare facilities have a way of affecting people’s moods. This is why cafes and coffee houses usually have bright-colored paintings. Hospitals, assisted living homes, and nursing homes are now banking on the healing power of art to lift people’s moods by putting calm, beautiful, and positive images in their minds.



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