What To Expect From Art Consulting Firms

art consulting firms

What To Expect From Art Consulting Firms

Many businesses can benefit from artwork displayed in their workspaces. Employees that work in enriched spaces containing art or plants are 17% more productive than those who work in spaces devoid of them. A fine art consultant can be your guide to selecting the right pieces for your business while saving you time and money. Here’s what you can expect from art consulting firms.

art consulting firmsArt Education

Art consulting firms educate clients about art, art history, and the market as a whole. Many art design consultants take clients to various museums, art fairs, and galleries to learn about specific genres and how the art market functions. They can explain why the price of a piece of art has grown over time and why it’s better to buy from a gallery rather than an auction.

Art Acquisition Cost Savings

Corporate art consultants generally charge an hourly fee for their services. If they work with a client on a permanent basis, they may charge a fixed monthly or annual fee instead. If an artwork purchase is arranged, the art consulting services will usually take a percentage of the price. The cost you pay for these professional art consulting services can pay for themselves from special trade discounts. These discounts can completely cover the total cost of the charged fees.

Artwork Sourcing

The numerous choices in the art world can be overwhelming. A corporate art consultant can help you find the pieces you like quickly and effectively. They have close connections with art galleries, emerging artists, and dealers and get access to private pieces. An art consulting business will keep your budget in mind and prepare a proposal of art design ideas for the characteristics of your space.

Comprehensive Services

Art consulting firms do far more than just acquiring artwork. They can create an inventory of all the purchased art and use it to help fill gaps in the collection. An art consultant will also oversee the transportation and installation of the piece. They can answer any insurance questions you may have and recommend conservation and restoration professionals if required.

When buying art, it’s helpful to have a great strategy. Art consulting firms can use their knowledge and skills to help you acquire the perfect pieces. You’ll save both time and money and create a beautiful space your customers and employees can enjoy.



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