A complete guide to two dimensional art ✅ Find out all about it here!

Learn about what is two dimensional art with Smart Art

A complete guide to two dimensional art ✅ Find out all about it here!

Do you have any idea what is two dimensional art? What if we told you that your house is full of it? Because we bet it’s hanging on the wall somewhere, or under the magnet on your fridge or framed on your bedside table.

The reality is that any drawing, photograph or painting is considered two dimensional art, and that has a really easy explanation. Maybe you’re wondering why? Because, precisely, it has two dimensions, which can only be interpreted from a single perspective.

In order for you to understand more about two dimensionality in art, in this article we will explain what is two dimensional art. Also, its main characteristics, its evolution throughout history and the most renowned two-dimensional artists. In addition, we will show you the differences between two dimensional and three dimensional art.

What is two dimensional art?

If you wanna know what is two dimensional art, you’re in the right article

Two dimensional art is art that can be represented or projected on any medium with a flat surface. Since it only has two dimensions: width and length. So, as we told you before, it can be anywhere.

In this sense, it congregates several of the visual arts, such as painting, engraving, drawings, photography, television, cinema, etc. Now that you have all of this, it depends on you to choose your favorite kind of two dimensional art.

Theoretical basis of two-dimensional art

If you’re still wondering what is two dimensional art, we can tell you that it can be represented through two types of art. On the one hand, figurative art, which accurately represents figures by imitating nature through copying without requiring the viewer to make a mental effort to understand it. 

Meanwhile, on the other hand, non figurative art, which is that which does not represent an object iconically and is more associated with the abstract. Although two dimensional art focuses on two dimensional images, which are made on a flat surface.

Of course, it does not mean that the artist cannot represent depth in a work. This can be captured through perspective or through the lights and shadows of objects; elements that give a three dimensional sensation.    

Variety of pigments

As for the two dimensional painting techniques, they are made with different pigments such as oil, acrylics, watercolors, pencils, etc. For this reason, two dimensional works of art vary in their characteristics depending on the physical medium used to make them.    

At this point, if we had to explain what is two dimensional art, in summary, we would say this: It is the drawing that is created on a plane where a two dimensional figure can be appreciated.

Characteristics of two dimensional art

Now that you know what two dimensional art is all about and what its theoretical basis is, let’s review its main characteristics. Pay attention and don’t miss anything of what Smart Art have to tell you about this interesting topic!

We’ll give you some characteristics of what is two dimensional art

It has two dimensions

As its name indicates and as we have discussed throughout this article, the two dimensional image is one that has only two dimensions: width and length. This means that it has no depth, although, as we have already seen, there are techniques to generate it. 

The techniques are only applied in flat spaces

This characteristic of two dimensional art refers to the fact that its techniques can only be applied in flat media. This can be materials such as a sheet of paper, a canvas painting, a photograph, etc.  

The relationship with the viewer has a unique character

This means that two dimensional works of art establish a unidirectional relationship with the viewer, since they can only see it from the front. Unlike a sculpture that needs to be seen from different places to be appreciated in its entirety, a two dimensional painting can only be interpreted if the viewer is positioned in front of it.

His works do not have volume

When we define what is two dimensional art paintings are, we clarify that they do not have a background, but they can represent it through perspective. Also, they work by generating light and shadow on the objects. 

History of two dimensional art

The origin of two dimensional art can be traced back to the origin of mankind. The first drawings can be traced back approximately 65,000 years ago, when Homo sapiens painted them on the rocky walls.

Basically, it emerged as a communication resource that came to be considered and valued as an art. These two dimensional paintings had particular characteristics and a unique style that improved over time.

Differences between two dimensional and three dimensional art

Now that we have reviewed the concept of what is two dimensional art and its characteristics, let’s see what the difference is between two dimensional and three dimensional art. It is important to clarify that plastic arts are divided into two main groups:

  • Two-dimensional works of art
  • Three-dimensional works of art

To understand the differences between two dimensional and three dimensional composition, you need to know what three dimensional art is. Simply put, it is that which is characterized by having three dimensions, not only has a height and a length, in addition to that it has a width. 

The most representative examples of three-dimensional art are architecture and sculpture. We can find two main differences between two dimensional and three dimensional art, in addition to the aforementioned three dimensions of the latter.

  1. Sculptures have a real volume, unlike two dimensional art paintings that are made on a flat surface. Also, sculptures must be seen from all sides, so it is necessary to go around it to cover the whole image.
  2. In contrast, two-dimensional works are hung on walls, since they can only be seen from the front. So now that you know what is two dimensional art, let us know which is your favorite kind of art!



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