What Happens When Workplaces Don’t Have Art?

benefits of art in the workplace

What Happens When Workplaces Don’t Have Art?

benefits of art in the workplaceRunning a successful business requires you to consider the needs of your employees. In order to solidify your organization as a great place to work, you’ll need to invest in the well-being of your staff. One way to do this is through your art design. There are countless benefits of art in the workplace that can ultimately have a positive effect on your bottom line. But what happens when organizations don’t choose to use wall art to their advantage?

What Businesses Risk By Not Including Workplace Art

  • Increased Stress: Everyone deals with workplace stress at some point. But excessive and prolonged stress at work can be a real problem. It can lead to massive turnover rates, employee burnout, and higher rates of absences. While there are many ways to provide some much-needed stress relief at work, one of the easiest has to be installing artwork. By adding wall art to your workplace decorations in cubicles, conference rooms, and the lobby, you can create a more relaxing atmosphere and relieve your employees’ stress. But if you have only blank and boring walls, you might want to prepare yourself to deal with a revolving door of workers.


  • Poor Productivity: Businesses rely on their hardworking employees to attend to the necessary tasks and produce the proper output. Unfortunately, without any artwork on the walls, this might not be possible for your organization. One of the many benefits of art in the workplace is that employees are more productive. Bare or “lean” environments yield lower productivity rates, while those who work in enhanced or decorated environments experience higher productivity levels of around 15%. Employees are even more productive if they actually have a say in the artwork that decorates their surroundings. Most likely, if your work spaces have no art, your employees will be spending a lot of time staring at the clock or a blank screen instead of getting their assignments finished.


  • Low Creativity: Not only will your employees be less productive without art, but they’ll also be unable to think creatively. While 64% of people agree that art increases creativity and 77% say art encourages the expression of opinions, workplaces without art may have employees who don’t dare to think outside the box. Office artwork should be stimulating and exciting, particularly in meeting spaces and collaborative environments. But don’t be surprised if, without art, your employees act as dull and as listless as your walls look.


  • Unengaged Employees: You may not realize that something like wall art can have an impact on your company culture. But it can say a lot about whether you care about your employees’ well-being. By having sparsely decorated workspaces, it sends the message that you don’t want to invest in your organization and that you don’t want to make your business a pleasant place to work. Even if that isn’t true, this is what many employees will perceive to be true. And if you don’t care about them, why should they care about what they’re doing? If you want to attract stellar candidates and retain your best employees, efforts need to be made to make sure those workers are engaged in their jobs. Although there are many benefits of art in the workplace, you might not have considered the fact that installing some simple wall art can really have an effect on how your staff feels about their work and whether your employees will choose to stick around.

Having artwork around may not be high on your list of priorities, but you’d be surprised by just how greatly it can affect our state of mind. Don’t ignore the benefits of art in the workplace. Otherwise, it may be tough for your business to truly succeed.



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