What does an art consultant do and which is his role in the art market?

Discover what does an art consultant do with us!

What does an art consultant do and which is his role in the art market?

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First of all, you should know that in the hands of an art consultant is the advice likely to bring benefits to the artist, collector and themselves. Thinking of that, now we are going to tell you all the aspects that we think you should know about this.

What does an art consultant do?

This cultural professional will be the one who will take the disciplines and activities related to the cultural sector. All this, with the purpose of putting them into practice to ensure that his or her client will make the right decision.

Field of action of the art consultant

He or she is in charge of designing and producing very important events in the cultural scenario. These events can be exhibition openings, artist presentations, celebrations and protocol events on behalf of his client.

If you are still thinking about what does an art consultant do, you should know that the field of action moves between the approach of creative proposals, their definition, budget and implementation. As well as the organization of other actions derived from the event he prepares: For example, merchandising, protocol actions, etc.

In order to be a good art consultant, all the contents generated by the creation team must be respected. Since its functions also include research, curatorship of collections and their re-signification.

Through the development of a central idea, the art consultant must carry out a joint assessment with his client in order to define the specific needs related to it.

What does an art consultant do: Art, communication and cultural marketing consultant

An art consultant has many skills

If you are still wondering what does an art consultant do, you should know that the profile of an art consultant is compatible with communication and cultural marketing. It is compatible with communication because his job is to communicate his knowledge in order to advise the artist, the collector or the client.

And it is compatible with cultural marketing because apart from knowing how to advise the different people who demand it. He/she also has to perform the tasks of manager and producer, even having the necessary knowledge to start a personal business and take care of the social needs.

In the concept of cultural marketing we can also say that an art consultant is in charge of designing and producing events.These events can be exhibition openings, artist presentations and events on behalf of his client.

It is able to develop proposals that provide innovative and low-cost solutions to its clients. Creativity is one of the tools that he puts into practice as part of a strategic process, which allows him to use it as a tool in the solution of eventualities that occur in his daily work.

Does the art consultant work with the artist and the collector?

Yes, it must work in unison with the artist or collector because there must be a mediator between the two so that in the end everything is perfect. That is a very important aspect of what does an art consultant do.

From advising the artist to make a certain work, how and how much he has to charge for his work to the transaction to sell it to the collector or client. It is also to advise him which product is more suitable for him and his needs.

Therefore, the consultant must know as much about art, as about communication to be able to convince both parties. That as well as to know how to carry out transactions so that everyone is satisfied.

The consultant imbricates the world of culture, heritage and tourism, and in their combination tries to offer a service in which solutions are proposed, suggestions about this very specific field. As he is a good connoisseur of the market, his professionalism integrates innovation and creativity for the objectives of companies and institutions.

What does an art consultant do: Building collector’s confidence

To act as an art consultant it is essential to have a previous knowledge of who we are going to advise, to know the client. It is very important to know his expectations and of course, his limits, that’s a fundamental part of what does an art consultant do.

The adviser must provide a private and exclusive analysis and information, tailoring it to the client with whom he is working. So, that the decisions made by the client are satisfactory and as solid as possible, to the extent that an investment product is solid.


We bring you our conclusions about what does an art consultant do

In short, to make all this knowledge work, the art consultant must work in different, creative and innovative dynamics. That allows him to establish himself as a potential force, both for specific clients: artists, collectors, cultural institutions, as well as for companies.

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