What Decor Your Hotel Needs To Make Guests Feel More At Home

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What Decor Your Hotel Needs To Make Guests Feel More At Home

hotel artEven if guests are only staying in your hotel for a short time, you want them to feel comfortable and right at home in your space. One of the easiest ways to accomplish that for a lower cost? Hotel art and decor. Adding the right decor to your hotel can make guests feel more comfortable, encouraging them to stay longer and come back more often. Here’s how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels by changing your decor.


Hotel Art


It may seem like a small shift, but adding wall art can make a huge difference in guest perception of your hotel. Art has been shown to provide stress relief and reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone directly associated with stress levels. Adding art to your hotel lobby decor can reduce guests’ stress levels from the chaos of traveling, making them feel more comfortable in your hotel. The relaxing atmosphere might prompt your guests to book longer and more frequent stays.


Hotel Lobby Design


A well-designed hotel lobby can make all the difference in how guests perceive your hotel. Without the right sort of layout, a hotel lobby can look too uninviting, making guests feel like they’re staying in a corporate space. Try to set up your lobby the way you would a living room or a den at home; this can create a welcoming environment for guests that makes it feel like they’re in a home, rather than a temporary lodging situation.


Hotel Room Decor


While you want your rooms to have consistency, you don’t want to make them feel too uniform or identical. Using small touches like wall art and decor can give rooms a more personal feel. Try adding a few paintings to your hotel rooms, or adding other art like small sculptures or vases. This will keep rooms visually distinct and interesting, making them more appealing to guests.


Looking for hotel art consultants to help you make your hotel more comfortable for travelers? Smart Art Inc. can provide professional art consultations for your hotel, hospital, restaurant, or other corporate environments. Having the right art in your professional space can make a world of difference, so contact Smart Art Inc. for a consultation today.



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