What Are The Healing Benefits Of Artwork In Healthcare Facilities

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What Are The Healing Benefits Of Artwork In Healthcare Facilities

Purchasing artwork for your hospital from an art consultant can provide numerous benefits for the patients you serve. Scientific studies have shown that the healing power of art can vastly improve the overall mental health and wellbeing of individuals. Here are the healing benefits of artwork for healthcare facilities.

art consultantHealth Benefits of Art

Scientific researchers have been able to directly link numerous health benefits to viewing various forms of artwork. Art can relieve stress, pain, and anxiety. For example, more than 60% of patients at the Cleveland Clinic reported stress reduction from viewing the hospital’s contemporary collection of fine art posters, nature images, and public sculptures throughout the hospital. Some patients even report being motivated to get out of their beds just to be able to view the artwork. Working with the right art consultant can help you determine what artwork can be the most beneficial to discovering how art improves healing.

Studies have also shown that artwork can help reduce the need for pain medication as well as reduce the length of a patient’s hospital stay. It can help lower blood pressure and boost mood. It can also be a positive distraction for hospital staff that works in chaotic and traumatic environments such as emergency rooms to help relieve stress and burnout. Hospital artwork can also be a pleasant distraction for families of patients who are waiting for loved ones while they are receiving medical care.

Best Types Of Healing Art

Different art forms can produce varying effects for a patient’s health. Natural landscapes can help make a room feel bigger and create a relaxing atmosphere for patients. Artwork with water themes and abstract pieces can provide a calming atmosphere for inducing stress relief. Portraits, animal paintings, urban landscapes, and artwork featuring scenes of everyday life have also shown positive impacts on a patient’s health.

Hospitals can also use other art forms to promote healing other than hanging pictures on a wall. Sculptures, stained glass windows, atriums, waterfalls, and installations can also prove to be highly beneficial. Artwork that features positive imagery and bright colors can remove the clinical feel of hospitals and promote faster recovery.

Artwork has many positive outcomes for hospitals and the patients they serve. An art consultant can help you decide what artwork is best suited for your hospital’s needs. You can transform the lives of your patients not only with your expert level of medical care but also with the healing power of art.



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