What Are Some of the Benefits of Putting Art in a Healthcare Environment?

Corporate art consultants

What Are Some of the Benefits of Putting Art in a Healthcare Environment?

Corporate art consultantsIf you have ever found yourself inside a healthcare facility, then you may have noticed some art hung on the walls. Some facilities prefer to hang art in the hallways, while others place art inside patient rooms and treatment areas. There are many benefits to hospital art and art in other healthcare environments. It has been shown, in fact, that art not only boosts productivity, but it also plays a role in reducing workplace stress. Here are some of the main benefits of putting art up in a healthcare environment:

Hospital Wall Art Creates a More Inviting Atmosphere for Everyone

Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your facility for staff, patients, or visitors of all kinds, then choosing some new artworks can certainly have a positive impact. A piece of art can detract from the negative connotations that many people have with hospitals and other types of healthcare environments. You have to remember that most people who step foot inside of a hospital don’t want to be there in the first place. The right piece of art can help them stop this part of their thinking and focus instead on the beauty that is available everywhere. Any facility looking to create an inviting atmosphere should consider their art.

Artwork for Healthcare Facilities Makes Staff Feel More Relaxed

It’s no surprise that healthcare staff tend to be prone to stress and worry. As part of their profession, a high level of anxiety has almost come to be par for the course in the industry. But there are ways that you can use the design aspects of your space to make your healthcare facility more nourishing for each and every one of its staff members.

Corporate art consultants can use their design skills and experience to cater custom art that matches the tone and feel of your unique facility’s architecture and space. If you have lots of large public areas, then placing vibrant artworks there can serve as a nice welcoming gesture for staff members as they start their shift. Alternatively, you could also place art in spaces that are meant only for staff members, such as break rooms and meeting areas. In the fray of operating a healthcare facility, it can be easy to lose sight of the satisfaction of staff members. Placing the right art can help to combat this lapse.

Wall Art for Hospitals Improves the Patient Experience

Research data has shown that art in hospitals makes patients feel more at home and more comfortable. Take, for example, a feasibility study conducted by the Arts for Health staff at WFBMC. On a neurosurgery floor, they placed 18 large pieces of local art on the walls and added art to some patients’ rooms. Patients commented that the art made them feel more at home; it made them feel more comfortable; some even commented it made them feel that the staff cared more. These kinds of widespread benefits cannot be overlooked when it comes time to create an environment that allows patients to feel comfortable. In a world where so many healthcare organizations are focused on improving their patient satisfaction ratings, the quality of your wall art should never be ignored, as it contributes a great deal to the overall patient experience.

Even if you recognize the importance and far-reaching benefits of hanging up some art in your healthcare facility, you may find that you are lost on how to do so. That’s where corporate art consultants come in. At Smart Art Inc., our team of corporate art consultants has the expertise and industry insights that you need to select dazzling works of art that are sure to bring numerous benefits to your healthcare facility. Our corporate art consultants will take your ideas into mind and provide you with a range of different artworks to match your vision for your facility. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today for more information. We can’t wait to help you bring your healthcare facility to life through the healing power of art.



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