Discover here some tips for using plants in artwork in the better way ????

Discover some tips for using plants in artwork with us!

Discover here some tips for using plants in artwork in the better way ????

Are you looking for tips for using plants in artwork? Then you just found the perfect article for you! In Smart Art, we believe that this is a powerful resource to set the mood of your favorite spaces.

We are conscious of the power of plants, because they’re capable of “raising up” an environment and bring a touch of happiness to any space. But in addition to this, there are also very important things that plants make better, for example: they can purify air.

Despite this, it is good to know some tips for using plants in artwork, like how and where to place them and in what kind of recipient. That’s exactly why we decided to prepare this simple guide, to design your interiors with plants and fit them the better way.

Practical matters and tips for using plants in artwork

It is convenient to not let beside some practical matters, like how many light enters each room and also the temperature. After that, you should find the suitable container, both for its external appearance and its size.

Put it down on the floor

One of our tips for using plants in artwork is to consider them as real sculptures with movement, smell and, sometimes, color, in corners or as ‘partenaires’ of the sofa or side table. When you enter a room your eye moves between different objects and spatial points. Planters, chairs, shelves and mirrors should not line up at the same height but create visual harmony.

Great scale

Don’t be intimidated by its height and take advantage of those majestic plants that surpasses a meter and a half. They are great options in living rooms because they act as living sculptures adding a natural artistic brush stroke.

Tips for using plants in artwork depending on the room

Every room should have a plant, but take it easy and try to find the best one for each one!

Modern office interior design

Don’t give up on plants in any room, even if you’re talking about the main room. In this scenario you should try species that favor rest due its colors and smells. It is not about turning the marriage room into an orchard, but to incorporate a number of pots to give a natural touch to the space.

Let it shine

On the corner of studying and working, where everything is organized and content, plants will help to give a touch of life and energy. This is because of the contrast that appears in that atmosphere of order and visually cleanness.

One of our easy tips for using plants in artwork: Look for species that overflow and get out of pots, that hang, and exuberants. Also, do not forget it benefits on these stances, where, for example, “dracena marginata” keeps in line the dangerous volatile compounds.

A good cocktail of species

If you are going to place several plants in a room, make sure that the whole has rhythm and is harmonious. Trying to combine plants with different leaves and colors, which give strength and vitality to the room you chose.

The more greens you include in your composition, the more beauty and freshness you will get: lime, emerald, grass. The same happens with the leaves, delicate, heart-shaped, long as a palm: Variety is the key.

Tips for using plants in artwork: Above a desk or a bookshelf!

Find its place: There is no room that can resist nor a corner that doesn’t win some points by its presence.You can put it in your desk, where little plants can be easily mixed with photos, books and lamps.

You can also put them on the kitchen shelves, where aromatic plants can bring a pleasant smell and a delicious flavor to your dishes; on the coffee table next to the sofa, a chic and flirtatious touch. Also, if you want, place containers that combine several species of similar height or play with individual ones, depending on the plant and its color.

Don’t forget about walls

One of the important tips for using plants in artwork is not forgetting your walls!

Modern office interior design

In addition to hanging pictures and photos, or storing vertically, walls can also be a very good place for your plants. To make the whole look harmonious, start by placing a ‘kind of anchor’ and place the rest according to it.

If you can, ask for help, so that you can see from a distance, as if it were a work of art, how the whole thing is coming together. Believe us, if you follow these tips for using plants in artwork, your house will look amazing!

Matter of balance and proportions

Harmony must be your maxim when you are going to combine different species and different containers and there is no discussion about it. This works so that when you enter a room you will find a play of high and low and thin and thick, catching your eye and your attention.

Offsets colors

The color of the plants influences the interior design. Therefore, if you have created a space too leafy, where green defines absolutely the decoration, try to choose companions in neutral tones. Especially if we are in the bedroom and do not want a set as bold as overwhelming. Fabrics, cushions and carpets in light and soft tones will help you achieve the atmosphere you need in this room.


Plants are a very good way to make your spaces look better, and with these tips for using plants in artwork, you are going to make it great! We invite you to keep reading our other articles and find other interesting topics on Smart Art’s blog.



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