Tips For Using Artwork to Improve Your Company’s Culture

Tips For Using Artwork to Improve Your Company’s Culture

Whether you run a large corporation or own a small business, having a great company culture is key. To prevent high turnover and to increase satisfaction of both employees and customers, it’s important to cultivate a positive atmosphere where people want to spend their time. While there are many techniques for developing a better company culture, an easy way to make a notable impact is through the type of artwork you display on the walls of your offices.

A barren office can look depressing, but a workplace that’s filled with beautiful photographs, pops of color, or inspirational art can make employees feel less stressed and burned out at the end of a long day. In fact, 78% of study participants agree that having art in the workplace helps reduce stress, and 64% agree that it increases creativity. Ultimately, when employees are able to associate their workplace with good feelings, rather than ones of anxiety, they’ll be much happier and more likely to stay on for the long haul. Here are some expert corporate art consulting tips for using artwork to improve your company’s culture:

Think about the feeling you want to express
You need to consider what a given space is used for and what you want employees and/or visitors to feel when they enter it. In your company’s lobby, do you want to evoke feelings of relaxation or something more vibrant and lively? In a room used for meetings, do you want the mood to be more serious or one that inspires playful collaboration? Our top art advisors can help you make determinations as to what kind of art will best suit your needs.

Make sure the art reflects your brand
If your business prides itself on being classic and traditional, your artwork should reflect this. But if your organization is cutting-edge and modern, having artwork in a similar vein can instantly communicate this to everyone who walks in the building. Whether your brand is quirky and young or sleek and contemporary, your corporate art consultants can help you choose pieces that are indicative of your branding and central message. This ensures consistency throughout your organization and can give potential clients or hopeful employees a clear idea of what you’re about.

Take employee opinion into account
When you take advantage of corporate art consulting for your business, you’ll automatically gain access to expert opinions on what types of art work best for your organization. But if you want to improve your overall company culture with your decorating choices, you need to make sure your employees feel valued. A great way to do this is by creating a survey pertaining to wall art choices. While you may not be able to please everyone, your employees should know the conditions under which they produce the best results. If they want to be surrounded by nature scenes or photographs from around your area, following through on that design idea can make employees feel like their opinions matter. Plus, when their ideas are implemented, they can reap the benefits of being surrounded by their art of choice. Likewise, they can also tell you the kind of art they don’t want to see in their work space. Abstract art can be polarizing and can actually cause increased anxiety; although it might be your preference, it may have a negative effect on your employees. Listen to their suggestions and implement them when you can.

When you want to improve morale, satisfaction, and overall company culture through artwork, Smart Art is here to help. For more information on our corporate art consulting services, please contact us today



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