The Top 6 Reasons Why it is Important to Have Art in Hotels

The Top 6 Reasons Why it is Important to Have Art in Hotels

Art takes into account life in all its aspects. It serves as a purpose of beauty, but it’s still more complicated than we think. It’s no surprise that art gives room for science and technology to thrive. This is evident in how workers’ quality of work is enhanced when surrounded by art. For a long time, millions of customers and employees have been working in uninteresting, drab offices with bare walls.

The good thing is that times are changing and business owners are beginning to see the importance of decorating their workspace with art. Studies on work productivity have shown that about 61% of workers believe that artwork stimulates creativity, while 94% believe that it makes the workplace welcoming.

Guests are intrigued by the desire to experience as much as they can, and art for hotel guests and restaurants makes spectacular views. This is common to a new breed of travelers, the Millennials.

1. Keeping Up With the Times

Art for hotel guests is an exciting trend these days. More people are now focused on creating an exciting and fun work environment to entice employees and customers. Today, bare walls seem wretched, while halls flanked with exciting and fun pieces of art make an unremarkable waiting bay come alive with character.

It always pays to settle on unique art pieces rather than just the mass-produced artwork that fades into the background quickly. The good thing about unique hotel art pieces is that it sticks to the mind of a customer months after visiting a hotel.

2. Sending a Message

One of the exciting trends in art for restaurants is that it’s used to communicate company values. This can either be clean and simple or abstract and subtle. A hotel that values ambitions can decorate their reception area with paintings of the classically inspired nouveau sanctuary or sweeping geometric figures.

Those that hold their corporate history close may consider a Rockefeller-inspired art piece as it’s inspiring to both managers and employees.

3. First Impression

A strategically placed piece of art can have a significant impact on customers who visit a hotel for the first time. For instance, there is a huge difference between a waiting room with strategically placed pieces of art and one with no art at all.

Hotels with no artwork give clients the impression that they don’t care about them. Those with art for hotel guests not only depict class and elegance, but they can be comforting to customers who aren’t used to such an environment.

4. Inspiring Creativity

Hotel artwork can lead to innovation. This is because employees tend to feel motivated and inspired in areas that demonstrate innovation visually, and art is an excellent way of doing just that. While there are different hypothesis why this is the case, it has everything to do with the perception of value.

Having artwork in the workplace means valuing creativity, subsequently encouraging employees to innovate.

5. Easy to Source Art

You don’t have to spend hours selecting the right art for hotel guests to showcase, and probably hundreds of dollars to buy one. There are different rental services that work with workplace interior designers to select hotel wall art collections at reasonable prices.

Most collections are styles from around the world, and they’re bound to evoke specific themes and emotions while giving the hotel space a distinctively modern, cutting-edge appearance.

6. A Competitive Edge

An incredible artwork can help distinguish an established brand by offering something memorable in different rooms in your property. Art for hotel guests is used by most luxurious hotels to stand out from the competitors.

Artwork in Hotel Design

Modern hotels are not just some simple buildings with beds and rooms, they are turning into spaces filled with artworks such as paintings and sculptures to spruce up the decor. But why are hotels doing it? Because art in your hotel is a way of challenging their guests to think deeply about the hospitality experience. In such a case, art stops playing an ornamental role and becomes a crucial aspect of hotel design — contact Smart Art Inc. right away to learn more!



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