The Role of Artwork in Hospital Facilities

Hospital art

The Role of Artwork in Hospital Facilities

Hospital artHospital facilities are not the most attractive places to be. People live in such premises because it is a matter of necessity. If it were possible, no person would spend any time in a lonely facility. However, with the reality that a hospital is a major facility that improves the lives of people in areas of health, making the place as comfortable as possible is very important.

Making it warm, clean, and offering hot beverages and snacks is good, but having hospital arts around will address the mental health of the patients. Hospital art has consistently proven to be a good mental improvement strategy, especially in senior and juvenile hospitals. Here are some of the benefits of arts in hospitals:

1. Stress Reduction

In a mental facility where issues such as acute depression and stress dominate, hospital art has consistently proven to be a good tool that brings relaxation by reducing stress. Hospital art brings a relaxing atmosphere to patients who have vibrant thoughts affecting their stability. A recent research study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic revealed that 60% of patients reported stress reduction from contemporary art collections.

Some of the art collections that had played a critical role in stress reduction in the Cleveland Clinic research included abstract designs, nature images, public sculptures, fine art posters in exam rooms, among others. Most of these artworks had been produced in the last 30 years.

2. Learning Tools

Everyone loves artwork, and there is no doubt that many people could have previously tried to come up with DIY artwork. To the young children in hospitals, artwork acts as a learning tool that helps them to understand various colors, patterns, and combinations. Every time the young child gazes at the hospital art, they’re trying to make meaning out of the art presented. Keeping the minds of young ones fresh and teaching them something new through hospital work is a well-thought hospital strategy.

3. Creates a Lighter Environment

Hospitals are commonly known to be groom and dark facilities where the mood of every person is down. The light blue color in many hospitals and medical facilities does not make it interesting and attractive either. However, art for healthcare facilities creates a lighter environment for the patients and the people around them. Hospital art brings a color environment that is conducive not only to the patients and their loved ones but also to the staff members as well.

4. Brings Positive Hospital Experience

Convectional hospital facilities have nothing other than the common hospital benches and sitting areas that are dead cold. There is also nothing that can attract an individual in hospital wards, apart from the bedding and other medical tools and equipment. The dull environment reduces hospital experience, which has become important in the modern world. Hospital art presents some major features in hospitals, which can capture the imagination of the patients. Patients will appreciate a beautiful hospital environment that has art design and other features.

5. Improves Mental Recovery

Art for senior care homes is very useful in enhancing mental recovery. Studies show that mental recovery can be enhanced by bringing features and objects that people used to see before they lost their memory. Seniors living in assisted care homes have previously seen such arts in their lives. Therefore, art for a senior living could be very useful in helping seniors to have enhanced mental and emotional recovery.

6. Increases Productivity

Hospital art does not only address the emotional, physical, and mental needs of the patients and their loved ones. It also plays a critical role in enhancing the mood and attitude of the members of staff in the medical facility. Health facilities that have artworks have their employees serving patients diligently and without demonstrating any signs of laxity or go-slow.

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