The Benefits of Using Art in the Workplace

The Benefits of Using Art in the Workplace

The value of art in a workspace is often taken for granted. Besides contributing to a relaxing atmosphere and dressing up an otherwise bland office, there are many other benefits of art in the workplace. In a recent survey, 94% of respondents reported that a workspace with art is more welcoming, while over 60% reported that art and photography in the workplace encouraged creativity. In a similar survey, more than 75% reported reduced stress levels and freer flow of ideas. What elements of art in the workplace provoke these positive reactions? Here are four benefits of using art in the workplace.

Art Just Makes the Workplace Look Better

It’s as simple as that. This important benefit shouldn’t be overlooked: a relaxing atmosphere, creatively designed and maintained, with clear decisions that adhere to a theme, goes a long way toward making both employees and customers feel welcome and comfortable in your business.

Art in the Workplace Distinguishes a Company’s Identity

Do your employees know who your company is, as an entity? It’s ideals, history, ambitions, personality, beliefs? Few things are more effective at clarifying a company’s identity than art. Workplace decorations such as art and photography help to shape a company’s personality in a big way. The decisions made when choosing art for the workplace can reflect a company’s beliefs and social outlook. Progressive companies looking to make bold and daring moves in the corporate world by thinking outside the box may choose abstract or modernist art for their walls. A company looking to establish itself as more traditional may make more classic choices, such as landscapes or still lives. And a company’s artistic inclinations can transcend what hangs on the walls: that aesthetic can be apparent in a company’s branding and all public-facing visual representations, such as uniforms and vehicles.

Art in the Workspace Promotes Productivity

Relative to a stressful environment, all relaxing atmospheres boost productivity. And few things are more effective at creating a relaxing atmosphere that reduces workplace stress than art in the workplace. But art does more to boost productivity than create a stress-free workplace: enhanced creativity, greater morale, a more positive outlook, and an improved sense of corporate identity are all results of art in the workplace that will increase productivity.

Art in the Workspace is a Trend with Staying Power

Some new things are trends or phases; others are ideas whose time has come. The current focus on expressing a company’s identity with the art that it chooses looks like it’s here to stay. That may be because the practice of using art in the workplace is so varied and unlimited: modern or classical, concrete or abstract, exciting and stimulating or designed to promote a relaxing atmosphere, there is an art design for every purpose and every identity. Use art in your business today to stay current with the trend, increase productivity, distinguish your company’s identity, and build a welcoming, thoughtful environment for your customers and staff.



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