Do you know how to create a street art mural for a hotel? ?

Street art adapts to any concept

Do you know how to create a street art mural for a hotel? ?

It is obvious that street art in hotel murals is a bit exotic. That is, we usually look for the elegance of classical works that elevate the status of a hotel establishment. However, this does not mean that this is the only way to make art fit perfectly into a tourism project. Today there are many styles that can work perfectly.

What do you associate street art with? Probably graffiti, those murals created with spray paint that usually have reflective messages. However, the expansion of street art has allowed more and more styles to be generated within it. This allows art project managers to adapt art to what they want for a hotel or tourist establishment.

Nowadays, art does not have a single way of interpretation, since practically every mind has its own tastes. Therefore, the right formula must be sought by combining data such as the concept of the hotel, the colors of the company. Of course, it also highlights the city where you are, the area in which the hotel is located. All this in order to develop an artistic style oriented to the street, but with its own nuances.

How to generate this style within a hotel? There are actually many ways in which you can come up with your own style. However, it is important that you understand the importance of street art. In addition, you should also study the interior or the area you want to decorate. Murals are usually much more complex works of art and require a more thorough analysis. Ultimately, they are not easily removable after they are produced.

Why use street art in a hotel?

The murals can be used in hotel interiors

Street art on hotel murals may seem difficult to manage. After all, you must not only think about the concept you are going to develop inside the building. You also need to find the ideal location and use the right materials. Every work of art demands that only the best resources are used to make it, and this should always be a major consideration.

Now, what should we take into account when creating a street art mural? While we could talk about all that this entails, this is really the job of the professionals. However, there are several basic facts that you should think about if you want to carry out a street art project inside a hotel.

Locate the perfect place

Although there are walls in every space of a hotel, this does not mean that any place is ideal for a mural. The first thing to do is to specify the place where this creation would look best. For that it is important to define the places where it would be most visible or the decoration of the environment. Elements that will highlight the beauty of the mural and perfectly matched.

This means that a mural is more than just a painting on a wall. It is a creation that is assembled with everything that already exists in a given space. That is why decoration is essential, as well as the use of additional artwork. That is the key that will allow you to create a perfect mural that will attract more people to the hotel or tourist establishment.

What are you going to capture in the mural?

Many times the concept to be developed goes hand in hand with the style of the hotel. That is, if it is classic, modern, focused on the culture of a country or city. These are data that come from the general style of the hotel and help us determine the direction the project should take. We can notice that this goes hand in hand with what we have talked about the decoration.

That is to say, when you meet with an art consultant you must make the concept of the hotel very clear. Based on this, the planning will begin, which will finally result in a perfect mural coupled to your style. This is when we see that communication and reciprocity are crucial for the success of the project.

Find the best team for street art murals

As we have already mentioned, street art murals for hotels usually differ quite a bit from what we are used to in classic art. That is why it is necessary to have a team that really knows how to carry out this type of project. That is to say, that already have experience working with street art and its application in different areas, including tourism.

In addition, it is also necessary that the team you choose is also made up of professionals who know how to communicate. That is to say, that they understand your needs and know how to provide you with the best solutions. Otherwise, you will hardly be able to have the mural you want so much. Don’t you know who to work with? Today we also want you to make the best choice.

Obviously street art involves a lot of details and that is why you must count on professionals. That’s why we want you to know the best agency in Florida for this kind of projects. You will be able to create the best mural for any kind of business, including small and high-end hotels.

Street art murals with Smart Art

Achieving the best street art mural for hotels is easy when you count on Smart Art, one of the most renowned agencies when it comes to art project management. Just by looking at our portfolio you can see that we are professionals working with hotels of different styles. Of course the street concept is part of our catalog.

You can find the best services focused on art in one place. Including of course the management of murals of all kinds, which elevates the attractiveness of any hotel. Do you want a prior consultation? Contact us to start talking about your requirements. We are sure that we will help you achieve that work of art of grand proportions. The best mural is now within your reach.

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