SmartArt’s Latest Display Projects

SmartArt’s Latest Display Projects

Corporate Art Consultant, SmartArt Inc, has offered art consulting services to the hospitality’s corporate facilities’ Hilton Hotel and Margaritaville. They work with interior designers and end-users, helping specify, customize, print, frame and install artwork completed with signage, sculptures, accessories, and greenery.

Hilton Hotel, Dadeland

SmartArt Inc has taken charge of all the common areas’ artwork selection, installation, and fabricating a 65-foot mural for the new Hilton Hotel in Miami/Dadeland. They have designed a whole city block installed with artwork featuring the layers of lush tropical vegetation as the foundation of the mega-metropolitan called Miami. Their hard work could not have been accomplished without Callison RTKL’s best practices from healthcare and hospitality design by incorporating a welcoming, compassionate and uplifting environment for guests.

Recognizing the community’s multicultural nature and the hospital campus’ Mediterranean feel, the property presents special design details such as Cuban tile, pineapple-themed walls, and textiles with abstract lines representative of the fruit’s texture to add local style. This mural and the artwork throughout is an honor to the epicenter of tropical, retro and exuberant Miami.

Margaritaville, Orlando

SmartArt would like to give credit to The McBride Company- a creative concept and design firm that creates hospitality and leisure destinations worldwide, for their tremendous interior design at Margaritaville Hotel. While SmartArt Inc managed the signage, the artwork in the guest rooms and common areas’, and customizing a 50-foot wallpaper, McBride was in charge of figuring out what vibes they were trying to accomplish and the goal of the design.

They wanted to ensure the retail atmosphere fit in with the over the top Margaritaville restaurant design but did not overwhelm the customer while still prominently featuring the merchandise. From beach-inspired apparel, coastal casual home decorations and of course, flip-flops, the Margaritaville hotel is the one stop shop for everything Margaritaville. Almost every location contains a retail venue, each with a slightly different character depending on its unique geographic location. Do not wait any longer and create your own tropical paradise with SmartArt Inc today.



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