Restaurateurs, Here’s Why You Should Be Considering an Art Consulting Firm

art consulting firms

Restaurateurs, Here’s Why You Should Be Considering an Art Consulting Firm

art consulting firms

When planning to open your own restaurant, it can be tempting to get swept away with back of the house concerns: designing your menu, maximizing your kitchen space’s efficiency, finding the best food vendors.

It can be easy to let this efficiency-minded approach bleed to the front of the house, especially in the case of a chef-owned restaurant. And while this approach might have some applications — such as when planning the wine list — it is important to remember that the front of the house is meant to be a place of comfort and joy for your customers.

As the owner of a restaurant, you need to take every step possible to create a welcoming space for your guests. One great way to do this is to include visual art in your restaurants interior. In a 2011 study, the University of London found that people experience a 10% increase of blood flow to part of the brain associated with the “joy response” when they saw a beautiful painting, a reaction so dramatic that it actually replicates the experience of looking at a loved on.

We’ve put together a couple of tips to help you get started incorporating art into your restaurant.

Go Big
You might be tempted to get a few small sketchings or prints and hang them around your dining room. While that is certainly better than blank walls, you are missing out on the chance to really maximize the positive effect art has on your guests.

Industry experts recommend spending no less than 1-2% of your construction budget on art, which is a small percentage to pay for something that brings such joy.

Be Bold
Don’t be afraid of pushing the boundaries with the art you install. While you might certainly find some pleasant painting to dot your walls, they will do you little good if they simply fade into the background.

Choose pieces that add drama to your dining room, and that match your theme. The art choice for a traditional french bistro should necessarily be different than the artwork hanging in a creole, New Orleans style bistro.
Mix Textures
one of the biggest mistakes art buyers make is to purchase only one medium of art, specifically paintings. While there is nothing wrong with paintings, you are missing the opportunity to layer textures and dimensions by incorporating sculptures or collages

Hire a Hospitality Art Consultants
If you are struggling to find the right pieces for your restaurant, consider hiring one of our nation’s art consulting firms that specialize in artwork for hospitality industry.
Not only do art consulting firms have extensive databases of art and artists to assist with your art design, but they also offer expert framing and installation.

If you have any more questions on art consulting firms and how they can help your business, contact SmartArt Art Consulting today.



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