All the benefits of having picture framing store near me

Discover the importance of choosing a picture framing store near me with us!

All the benefits of having picture framing store near me

If you’re wondering: “Which are the benefits of having a picture framing store near me?”, you’re probably in the right article right now. Among this post, we’re going to give you all the things you should know to choose the perfect frame.

First of all, we have to say that not all frames are suitable for all paintings, and not all canvases look the same in any frame. That’s why here we want to offer a few ideas that serve as a guideline to get the most out of it… 

Today we give you some tips on how to choose a frame for a painting, so pay attention to all of them. On Smart Art we bring you all the information you need on topics related to art and interior decoration, let’s get started!

How to choose a picture framing store near me

To begin with, we can describe the frames as prints that visually play with the work and its color. The painting and its frame interact with each other… Therefore, it is necessary to achieve harmony between the two. 

Sometimes artists choose not to frame their works, instead, they even refuse to have their works framed. This is due to the fact of not finding a style or color that matches the content.

Before choosing a picture framing store near me, think that although all works should have a frame for protection, it is also a support element. A frame is a mechanism to help the eye focus its attention on a specific point.

Color of the artwork

The container and the content must harmonize in terms of color, that’s a very important thing that you should know. Although there is a tendency to think that black or wood colors always look good, sometimes you can get more out of a work if you innovate a little more.

If pale colors predominate on the canvas, you can opt for a frame with more striking colors (without falling into Fauvism). On the other hand, if the colors of the canvas are very vivid and striking, it can be a good choice to try for a frame that contextualizes pale colors.

Analyze the context

It is very important to analyze the context to locate the framed picture correctly

To know how to choose a picture framing store near me for a painting, it is important to assess the context. By context we mean its place: basically, the wall where it will be hung.

This way we will avoid using a frame of the same color with a different tone or of such contradictory colors that they do not harmonize at all.

Kind of material

It is also important to consider the type of frame material, the most common being wood and aluminum. Sometimes, these materials are coated with other materials that have a different finish, so we have to consider what we want.

It should be noted that both aluminum and wood are very resistant materials, and in addition, they allow great versatility when it comes to hosting works. This is due to the fact that the colors of both materials are quite neutral.

Frame size

Another important feature of photo frames is their size, and in this area we find an infinite variety. On the one hand we have the traditional ones (large, robust and, in many cases, overloaded). 

On the other hand, there are the modern ones, which tend to be thinner, discreet and subtle. Once you know this, it all depends on what you want to choose the most suitable frame for you.

As with the other options, the size of the frame is a very important thing that you surely have to have into consideration. If you want to put a frame to a very loaded work, opt for something discreet and vice versa. 

It is important to take into account the location and the decoration surrounding the artwork. As you may have noticed by now, the small details are very important to achieve the perfect picture framing store near me.

How to choose a picture framing store near me: glass or passe-partout

Another thing to have into consideration is the frame size

There are two other elements to consider when choosing a frame for a painting or picture framing store near me. These elements are, of course, the glass and the passe-partout, and if you don’t know what this means, we’re about to explain it to you.

On the one hand, we have to decide whether it is necessary for the work to have glass or not. We also have to decide if we want a passe-partout to help visually identify the work. 

These are two items that must be decided as soon as possible, so it will be easier to choose the appropriate type of frame. Therefore, it is always recommended to contact experts in the area to achieve the best results.


From Smart Art, we hope you have found it useful and that the next time you have to frame, you will know how to choose a frame for a painting. If not, at least, that you know what are the most important concepts to evaluate for choosing a picture framing store near me.



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