Office Environment Tips to Motivate Your Burned-Out Employees

Office Environment Tips to Motivate Your Burned-Out Employees

In America, virtually everyone deals with workplace stress on a near-constant basis. We wear our stress like a badge of honor, but it’s hurting our health and making us feel burned out. Employees can’t sustain high stress levels for long; eventually, their productivity will decrease and their overall well-being will suffer.

So what can you do about it?

Often, this comes down to cultural expectations and a shift in the physical work environment itself. Below, we’ve put together some tips to aid stress relief and motivate your burned-out employees to switch up their routines, get a fresh start, and feel more invested in their work as a result.

Hold more staff meetings

It may seem like a drag to put more staff meetings on the calendar, but checking in with your employees can improve communication between team members. These discussions can allow employees to say what’s on their mind and brainstorm solutions to heavy workloads and other work-related stress. The more you know about what your employees are going through, the better position you’ll be in to help to come up with a solution.

Provide rewards

You’ve probably heard the saying, “you’ll catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” While you shouldn’t liken your employees to insects, it’s important to note that acknowledging their achievements will make them much more invested in their work than pointing out their shortcomings. Be sure to recognize their hard work on a regular basis and show your appreciation in small ways like a catered lunch, a provided breakfast of bagels and coffee, some gift cards, or a short work day. In the long term, these gestures won’t cost you a whole lot but will show your employees how much you care. That, in turn, will help them feel more invested in what they do on a daily basis and more nourished (both in body and mind) in general.

Add art

Did you know that working with art consultants can make your office look better and help boost your employees’ productivity? By adding still life paintings or photography pieces in strategic ways, you’ll encourage your employees to be more creative and more relaxed. Studies have proven that adding still life paintings, nature photography, and other calming art pieces into work environments can make workers 17% more productive. Plus, they’ll generally be less stressed and won’t feel as drained at the end of the day, improving their overall longevity in the job. Something as simple as adding contemporary paintings, still life pieces, or even framed photos can show your employees you’re invested in the work they do and that you want to make work a more pleasant experience for them.

Encourage breaks

No one feels motivated to work with the boss breathing down their neck. And while you might not like the idea of employees taking a longer break or using their vacation days, that’s ultimately what’s going to keep your employees around. Instead of letting the bottom line influence your decisions, make employee wellbeing a priority. Encourage them to take a long walk in nature at lunch or to structure their work days differently so they can take advantage of the nice weather. Above all else, stress the importance of using their earned vacation days. A vacation will allow them to reset and come back feeling refreshed, and that’s ultimately to your business’s benefit. Don’t discourage employees from taking a personal day or a sick day when needed, either. Healthy and happy employees are devoted employees, and breaks and days off actually encourage hard workers to do their best.

By installing still life paintings and other art, recognizing employee achievements, communicating with your workers, and encouraging them to take advantage of your time off policies, you may be able to combat the effects of burnout and allow your employees to be more productive and devoted to your organization.



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