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Art Consultants Looking For Artists

Hottest Hospitality Trends For 2020

With the rise of social media, many hotels clamored to make their spaces picture perfect for Instagram. However, those days may be over. Newer trends are showing that hotel owners are seeking art consultants looking for artists that can provide…

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Professional Art Consulting Services

6 Things Art Can Do for Your Workplace

Introducing visual art into a workplace’s decor has a number of proven positive results. It can improve staff morale, performance, and production, make an impression on clients and potential clients, and help to define a company’s identity and brand. More…

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A mirror unifies all the room’s other elements. It brings out the colors and textures of the room’s furniture and accessories to complete and compliment the design.The mirror also highlights the walls colors and artwork in a room. Using a…

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Workplace Stress

4 Ways to Help Eliminate Stress at Work

It’s not uncommon to hear most adults say that they spend so many nights awake, worrying about the uncertainty of their futures. Four out of 10 people that work in large corporations face the threat of retrenchment, and this contributed…

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