Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Workplace Art

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Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Workplace Art

top art advisorsMany business owners now know how great an impact art in the workplace can have. By working with top art advisors, companies may be able to provide stress relief for employees and create a more productive atmosphere. That said, you won’t get to reap the benefits of art in the workplace if you put no thought into this process or fail to take care of your workplace decorations. It’s imperative, therefore, that you avoid making the following mistakes with art in your workplace.

MISTAKE: Promoting art in poor condition

Blank walls that contain no art are sterile and uninspiring. But if your office has art that’s in disrepair, your efforts are going to backfire. Art that has cracks, rips, or stains will show that you don’t care about the work environment in which your employees spend most of their time. The same goes for art that’s hung improperly, encased in a beat-up frame, or covered in dust and grime. If you’re willing to install art in your office, make sure that it’s in excellent condition (and that it stays that way). In other words, don’t try to mend it with tape or ignore the pieces that have seen better days. Otherwise, your employees may subconsciously feel like you don’t care about their well-being, either.

MISTAKE: Reserving the best art for management

You should not take an elitist approach with your art. By reserving the “best” pieces picked by top art advisors for leaders within your company, you won’t inspire all employees to do their best. After all, art boosts productivity — so spread the wealth! People working in enriched spaces decorated with art or plants were 17% more productive than those working in lean spaces. Art should be for everyone, not only for the entitled. Make sure that all spaces benefit from equal visual enrichment for best results. This is the only true way to actually invest in your business’s success.

MISTAKE: Failing to use your “why” in art selection

Of course, incorporating photographs and still life pieces into your office design can make a space look more visually appealing. That alone is of great benefit. But you can take art decoration a step further by ensuring that every piece you choose supports your business’s ethos. The art you choose should mean something and inspire others to be invested in the work they do on a daily basis. Sure, pretty nature scenes are nice — but it’ll be a lot more impactful if there’s some real thought behind the art that adorns your walls. For both employees and clients, having this kind of art can wordlessly explain exactly who you are and why you do what you do.

Having zero art in a workspace is a critical error. But if you take an improper approach to workplace art, you could end up doing more harm than good in terms of your cultural success. By working with the top art advisors in the field and being sure to avoid these mistakes, you should be in excellent shape (and so will your office).



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