Major Benefits of Creating Artwork For Hospitals

artwork for hospitals

Major Benefits of Creating Artwork For Hospitals

One of the most beautiful quotes about art is attributed to the genius Leonardo da Vinci. It goes like this: “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” This wonderful observation perfectly captures the interrelationship between the world of art and the human experience. Perhaps it also relates to how beneficial it is to create artwork for hospitals and other public places, such as a hotel lobby or as restaurant decor. In all these instances, the healing power of art creates a relaxing atmosphere with many benefits. Here’s a look at some of the advantages of displaying art in hospitals and other public areas.

Reducing Stress

In this day and age, anything that qualifies as a stress reducer is a very positive thing! And creating artwork for hospitals, waiting rooms, airports, and other places has been statistically shown to lower stress for individuals in those areas. In fact, abstract designs, posters, sculptures, and nature images all reduced stress levels for individuals. In particular, having art in the workplace environment has been found by studies to reduce stress, encourage a positive exchange of ideas, and increase creativity and productivity for businesses.

Enriching Creativity

Learning is encouraged when individuals view a piece of art. The right brain and the left brain work together, both are challenged. The imagination and the rational mind work simultaneously, seeking to satisfy the curiosity that a piece of art inspires. This type of inspiration is wonderful for all individuals because, as we all know, it is never too late to learn something new!

Employment Opportunities

A very bottom-line benefit to creating artwork for hospitals, restaurants, assisted living facilities, retirement centers, and other public places, is that the art is produced by artists who create the pieces and are paid for doing their work. Not only that, the space in which the work will be displayed must be arranged by an interior designer, and the installation of the artwork must be coordinated by a crew of workers. Cleaners, project managers, framers, and workers in the hospitality industry who coordinate receptions in which the artwork is displayed will all benefit from having artwork in public places.

Beautification of Surroundings

Even the most beautiful site in the world can be enhanced when art is displayed! Placement of artwork in areas such as the workplace, or adding artwork as restaurant decor or in a hotel lobby, contribute the finishing touches to the ambiance of any given area. Indoors or outdoors, displaying artwork in hospitals or other public areas adds an aesthetic dimension to the location — as well as adding to the overall value of the property.

There are many benefits to displaying art in public places such as a corporate center, waiting room, restaurant, and other common areas. Creating artwork for hospitals in an area where individuals congregate brings a sense of aesthetics that touches something in all of us. When thinking about artwork, it really does make a lot of sense to consider it as “poetry that is seen, rather than felt,” as da Vinci observed. How interesting that in today’s modern world, statistics and data have backed up his keen, insightful comment!



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