Artistic ideas for lobby design in all types of buildings ?

You can also take advantage of sculptures in the design of vestibules

Artistic ideas for lobby design in all types of buildings ?

If one thing is for sure regarding lobby design ideas they should always involve art. Once we decide to create a business we need a space in which we can place it. This can range from a small house-sized building to huge buildings with large interior dimensions. 

If something is certain, it is that the decoration is extremely important to improve the qualities of any place. This is not only reflected in the lobby but in any part of a commercial or professional building. The key is in the atmosphere you want to recreate and the methods you should use to achieve it. After all, art offers us all kinds of resources. 

Usually when we refer to the benefits that decorating buildings can offer, we are talking about the work environment. We know that a space without art offers little or nothing in terms of inspiration and relaxation. Solutions are often sought to increase the productivity and mental well-being of workers. 

However, what about buildings that are visited by potential clients? We can take examples such as hospitals and hotels, which receive constant daily visits and therefore, their image is usually judged a lot. Some people like to enter a building more when the first impressions are positive. 

While it is true that you should not judge a book by its cover, an attractive cover increases your chances. There are many people who really make their decisions based on appearance and you can’t lose customers because of that. The best thing to do is to grab the attention of as many people as possible. 

What are the advantages of art in lobby design? 

There are all kinds of design opportunities in lobbies

As we have already stated, appearance can make or break a business and that is why every aspect of it should be taken care of. That also includes the first images that the customer has through lobby design ideas. This way, you will be able to ensure an excellent result. 

Why focus so much on the entrance of a commercial or professional building? Because it allows you to create a space that indirectly welcomes each person who enters it. Thus, potential customers will feel at ease in the place. This is important for businesses such as: 

  • Hotels, where the guest must feel the desire to stay in the place. 
  • Hospitals, where confidence must be provided through appearance. 
  • Schools, where there must be the idea that you are in a center of knowledge. 
  • Business buildings, since they should reflect the idea that they work with honest and responsible people. 
  • Factories and industry, to allow projecting an idea of the work done by them. 
  • Clubs, creating a sense of well-being, fun or entertainment depending on the objectives of the place. 
  • Restaurants, where it is important that each customer can feel the taste of the food from the first moment. 

These are just some ideas to apply the design of lobbies, allowing to obtain benefits based on the objective of a company or institution. However, applying the advantages of art also requires additional help. 

Looking for someone to apply the design ideas

We know the importance of design ideas for lobbies, however, we must also think about how to apply them. Art requires expertise, creativity and of course, money. Acquiring artwork, producing designs, getting the pieces you require is not a free task. Neither is the knowledge that is made available to those who wish to work with art. 

When referring to the state of Florida, we find ourselves in a place where art is of vital importance. After all, there are many tourist towns here where businesses live on appearances. Tourists always shop primarily with their eyes, so it is important to explore this reality. The benefits will not be long in coming once you develop a proper art plan. 

Greater attractiveness, more visibility for customers, improved sales. It is a kind of advertising that takes place directly on the site where a business is located.

Don’t know who can handle lobby design? The time has come for you to get in touch with the best specialists in this type of work. You will be able to access all kinds of offers focused on improving the image of a business from the first impressions of the public. An extremely relevant factor to improve the attractiveness that a company can and should have. 

Foyers perfectly designed with Smart Art

Decided to apply lobby design ideas? We have the best option for you, you should hire the most recognized creative company in the entire state of Florida. You will be able to ensure that your plans and goals will be perfectly represented with the image provided from the entrance of the building.

Smart Art Inc is especially known for being a company that offers a huge variety of artistic solutions. No matter what your objective or your tastes are, you will be able to find specific artwork for your company, business or institution. We stand out especially for being a professional agency that focuses on conducting a preliminary study of the space to be decorated.

From the analysis issued by a team of art experts with a huge experience in this type of work, the decoration will begin. This includes:

  • Search for works of art at an excellent price.
  • Production of specific designs for certain areas in the lobby.
  • Placement of artwork according to the previously designed configuration.

It may sound like a simple process but it requires special attention and monitoring by those who know the most about it. That is why you should not hesitate to choose Smart Art as the company in charge of the decoration.

Our website offers you a lot of valuable information about the features of our service. That’s why you should take a look at the work we have done in lobbies and professional buildings. In addition, you will also have our contact information to get you started.

Smart Art has worked extensively in lobby design



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