Is deco art painting cruelty-free? ?️ Discover this type of product

Is deco art painting cruelty-free? ?️ Discover this type of product

Do you know if deco art paint is cruelty free? When we refer to these characteristics, we are talking about something that is highly sought after today. After all, it is evident that in many cases the materials that are employed in the art have not had the best testing methodology. This makes many people prefer to look for other options that are not tainted by animal cruelty.

Animal testing is a fact that we have tried to eliminate from our lives by all means. Who does not remember that famous ad of the “Save Ralph” campaign in which the harm suffered by animals in testing is demonstrated? We are not only referring to the application of extremely dangerous products, but also to the life these animals lead in confinement.

Should living beings spend their entire lives locked up in cages waiting for the moment to undergo a test without the certainty of survival? Although this fight was popularized by the “Save Ralph” commercial, the truth is that many years have already passed behind the same goal. That of completely eliminating animal testing for all products.

Makeup, hygiene products, even medicines are used for tests that result in animal cruelty. This begs the question of whether art deco paint elements are really free of such cruelty. After all, for many people it is important not to continue to support such practices by refraining from buying these products.

Animal cruelty-free art deco paints do exist

If you were wondering if art deco paintings are animal cruelty-free, the short answer is yes. However, it is not an absolute answer, as many products can pass for both realities. This is something that is seen even in those that are intended directly for application on humans. In those cases, we must be very attentive to the seals of each product.

Thus, when we acquire a cosmetic product, one of the keys is to look for the “Cruelty free” seals. These indicate that the product has not been tested on animals before being put on the market. This ensures that no animal cruelty practices have been used in its development alone. However, with artistic products this becomes more difficult to foresee.

Not all paintings have passed animal cruelty tests.

The first thing we should mention is that as of today, not many paintings have been tested. This is due to a simple fact that these products are not directly intended for human treatment. Therefore, the risk we run when we come into contact with them is lower than that of cosmetic products.

Animal testing has the sole purpose of allowing us to know if a product can cause harm to living beings. Due to the struggle for survival, no tests are performed on humans in the first instance. However, this does not mean that living beings do not suffer from the effects of certain products that do not offer total safety.

Avoiding risks

Now, if art deco paints are not applied to the skin, why would it be necessary to test on animals? The reason is very simple and it is that manufacturers cannot take risks with the components used to manufacture them. It is evident that even though they are not designed for the skin, paints come into contact with the skin on many occasions. This makes it important to be cautious.

Many of the components of paints are toxic, believe it or not. This means that accidents can occur that compromise the health of the people who are using the art deco paints. To this we must add the cases of paints that release vapors that are inhaled by those who work in this. These vapors may also contain toxic substances that enter the body and cause damage.

For all of the above, it is evident that there is a need to know the effect of paints on living beings. However, it is understood that there are many ways to assess this risk beyond animal testing. For this reason, many employees end up making the decision to avoid the use of such products. The same is true for those who manage art deco projects.

Cruelty-free paints should always be an option

When you are going to start an art deco project, having cruelty-free paints should always be among your possibilities. Even though this is a decision that is a moral decision for each person, it is still relevant. That is why on many occasions we will find that this is a specific service that is offered by art agencies.

Now, do you know if in previous projects you have worked with cruelty-free paintings? Most people do not pay attention to this detail. However, there is no doubt that it is something relevant that you should pay attention to in order to use products that have been created according to your principles. Precisely for this reason, today we want you to meet an agency that takes this reality into account.

Smartart works with cruelty-free art deco paints

Now that you know if they are cruelty-free art deco paints, it is time to talk about Smart Art. In this agency, we take into account the principles of our customers and offer products adapted to them. That’s why you’ll find paints without animal testing among the options we offer for art projects.

We know that this is a major detail and that’s why we pay as much attention to it as we can. In addition, we continue to offer high quality, long-lasting paints with eye-catching colors. Contact us anytime to start your art deco project with the best cruelty free materials.

We are always attentive to all requests made by our customers through our media. That’s why if you want to start an art deco project with cruelty free paints, this is your opportunity. We also invite you to know all the projects that we have developed and that are on our website.

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