Learn the best techniques for installing art without framing

It is not necessary to frame the photos

Learn the best techniques for installing art without framing

It is evident that installing art without framing may sound crazy, although it is not really. Nowadays we find all kinds of techniques that allow us to enjoy art in its many forms. This includes of course the best known method, which is through framed paintings. In this sense it is evident that there must be more possibilities for installation.

We are used to seeing paintings that have been installed by means of the classic method of using a painting. We observe this in museums as well as in exhibitions and even in homes and offices. However, this is not the only way in which you can make a painting look great. Art has many ways to present itself and it all essentially depends on the person doing the installation.

Over the years and with the work of artists and consultants, alternative techniques for art installation have been created. This works very well regardless of the place in which the process will take place. In addition, it represents options that allow the client to choose something that is truly to his or her liking. It is obvious that prices also vary depending on the technique chosen.

Are you thinking of installing a work of art in your office or home? Are you already planning a new project for the museum? Today we want you to know those options that will really help you to enhance the beauty of any work of art. For this, we will explain the alternative techniques to picture framing.

What are the alternatives to art without framing?

Art without a frame looks great

Installing art without framing may sound like a complex task, but it depends on the techniques employed. At the end of the day, consultants know very well how they can bring out the qualities of any artwork. This is the basis for making decisions that will help create a much more attractive exhibit.

Now, we talk about alternatives but we have not yet named them. Currently there are many known ways to install art and we will focus on 5 of them. They are the most used in different art projects both inside and outside Florida and will give you an idea of how to direct such planning.

Washi Tape

It is considered one of the most preferred elements when it comes to installing frameless art. This is because this tape is manufactured with all sorts of attractive designs and colors, which can match the artwork. Of course, they are also widely used when you want to install photographs in a certain space.


Clips are obviously the most appropriate method used by consultants who want to install a work of art. The reason is simple, they are practical, adjustable and can be easily hidden. Besides, when you visit a store with this type of products you will notice that there is a good variety of them. This way you will be able to choose a clip that best suits your environment.

Even so, it is important that you find an appropriate frame in those cases where the framing was not done by a professional. It must be able to hold the artwork and accommodate the clips through holes. This way you can add a personal touch to the painting you wish to place on the wall.

Always be careful with the weight

Not just any artwork without framing can be installed with these methods. This is because clips and ribbons are usually used for lighter paintings, which are less likely to fall off. If this happens, it means significant damage to the asset you have paid for.

Artwork is usually delicate and if it has been professionally framed, it can pose a danger. After all, this means that any fall could deteriorate their integrity, diminishing their value and affecting their image. That’s why it’s important to have professional advice when installing them.

Who can help you install art without framing?

If you are wondering how to install art without framing, you should know that the most important thing is to have the help of a professional. After all, any painting requires delicate treatment to avoid major damage. Something that perhaps many people do not take into account but that is part of the artistic process.

Working with art consultants is not complicated if you choose a service that puts your needs above all else. This way, you can be sure that you will have the best creative solutions at your disposal. Even more so when it comes to works of art that are somewhat unprotected. It is important to avoid accidents and an agency experienced in handling art will be the best solution.

The offers are varied in Florida but we don’t want you to waste your time. For your next unframed art projects you must have the best advice and professionalism that only experts can offer you. Don’t know where to contact them? We will clear that doubt in just a moment.

Smart Art is in charge of installing art without framing

Do you want to install art without framing? Smart Art should be your solution. An agency that has the best art professionals ready to help you with this type of work. For this, they provide you with professional solutions in the placement of paintings in any space where you need them. That is to say, from an office to your living room.

The experience of many years supports us when working with new customers, performing quality installations at all times. Contact us now and see why we are the favorite service of many people who want to beautify spaces through art. In addition, you can also learn about the services we offer just by taking a look at our website.

If you want more information just enter our link now. Don’t install unframed art as if it were just anything. You could end up regretting it and losing that investment that represents the purchase of a painting. Instead, contact the professionals and you will see the best results.

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