Improve Productivity And Creativity In Your Workplace With These Simple Tips

Improve Productivity And Creativity In Your Workplace With These Simple Tips

A positive work environment is more than just about great company culture. It’s also about creating a workspace that stimulates creativity, productivity, and reduces stress.

Cluttered, closed-off work areas can make employees feel more stressed and therefore less productive at their jobs. To fight back against uninspiring work environments, here are some tips to create a stress free workplace.

Art in the workplace
According to a recent survey, up to 94% of employees believe art in the workplace makes the space feel more welcoming. Interactive art pieces can provide a few seconds of distraction for workers who may otherwise become bogged down by their office routine.

What’s more, wall art for hospitals and other businesses can serve as a way to bring in color and get rid of monotone grays. Not every commercial building is able to paint interior walls to create a relaxing atmosphere. However, by using art design and photography corporations and healthcare facilities can produce a similar effect.

Get rid of fluorescent lighting
The more natural light there is in your workplace, the better. Studies have shown workers who are more exposed to natural light over fluorescent light are happier and more productive.

However, those who are exposed to minimal natural light are more likely to feel tired throughout the day. This lack of energy can cause lost productivity and poorer performance.

Consider reducing workplace stress by bringing in more natural light with large windows. If you’re unable to do construction, try placing workstations closer already existing office windows or replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs.

Create an open workspace
Humans are social animals. For this reason, workers can become more stressed and less productive when confined to closed-off workspaces such as a cubicle.

For a more collaborative workspace that encourages communication and teamwork, consider opening up your workplace with an open layout. By lowering the walls, you lower the walls of your workers and improve company culture and interaction.

There are many ways you can improve the atmosphere of your workplace with a simple makeover. However, one of the best ways to boost productivity and creativity is through art. For more information on the benefits of corporate art, contact an art consultant with Smart Art today.



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