How Working With an Art Consultant Can Boost Your Business

hotel art consultant

How Working With an Art Consultant Can Boost Your Business

hotel art consultant

In today’s world, the marketplace is saturated. That means your organization has to do everything possible to stand out amongst the competition. If you want to be a leader in your industry, you’ll have to appeal to customers, prioritize innovation, and avoid most of the common pitfalls. You might be surprised that you can accomplish many of those goals just by installing high-quality art in your place of business. For best results, you should really be working with an art consultant. We’ll explain why in today’s post.


What Is an Art Consultant?

An art consultant is someone who works with businesses to procure artwork for a given space in an effort to improve client and employee relations. For example, hotel art consultants will meet with boutique hoteliers or corporate chains to determine the brand’s values, mission, and requirements for artwork selection and installation. From there, those hotel art consultants will work with artists and designers to obtain pieces that are a good match for the company’s needs. Art consultants need to have an innate understanding of what their clients want and of the many different types of art that will help them accomplish their goals.

How Can Corporate Art Consulting Help Your Organization?

When restaurant or hotel art consultants meet with business owners to come up with a design plan, it’s about more than merely improving the aesthetic value of a given space. Of course, art consultation can certainly make key spots within a building more attractive to the eye. But it’s actually about improving branding, client satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Art consultants can help drive home a brand’s ethos through carefully selected art pieces. Because these individuals have a deep understanding of art and how it can be used to successfully market a business, a consultant can actually allow an organization to reach and even exceed its potential. Your decor and choice of art can play a big role in how your organization is perceived by others. If your aim is to attract a certain type of clientele or produce a certain feeling upon walking into your office building, art selection can be an integral part of your strategy. Artwork is instantly able to communicate your brand’s values and show potential clients why they should consider working with you.


But the work that hotel art consultants do can also benefit your employees — and ultimately, your bottom line. Around 78% of employees agree that having art in the workplace can reduce stress, while 64% said art at work can increase creativity. When stress goes down and creativity goes up, productivity tends to soar. And by adding high-quality artwork to the office, employees will feel you truly care about them. That ultimately leads to higher levels of engagement and lower levels of turnover, both of which can mean tremendous growth for your company. Your employees will actually want to be at work, rather than counting down the hours until it’s time to leave. They’ll be happier, healthier, and more invested in what goes on at the office. In the end, a relatively small change like adding art can allow you to retain (and attract) staff, improve your reputation in the industry, and allow you to achieve far more than you’d imagined.

Of course, the addition of art isn’t the only way to improve your company’s branding and employee satisfaction. But it’s certainly one of the most efficient (and visually pleasing!) ways to do so. To find out more about our art consultation services and how they can help you achieve your goals, please contact us today.



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