How to Select the Best Artwork For Your Restaurant

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How to Select the Best Artwork For Your Restaurant

art design consultantsFor all kinds of businesses and organizations, art installations can improve the experiences of employees by lowering stress and making the environment a more pleasant place to be. After all, a 2011 study found that when subjects looked at a beautiful painting, blood flow in the “joy response” area of the brain increased by 10% — the same effect produced when you look at a loved one.

But art has the potential to enhance the customer experience, too. Restaurant art, for example, can help bring an establishment together and create a welcoming atmosphere for patrons. That is, if you work with art design consultants to pick the best pieces for your needs. When it comes time to choose wall art for restaurants, you’ll want to keep the following principles in mind.

Select a Theme and Style
Fine dining restaurants will typically have a different artistic feel than, say, a quick service cafe. It’s essential to select artwork that reflects the overarching theme of the experience you want to offer. A charming and eccentric coffee shop is going to have different artistic needs than a five-star French bistro. The type of establishment you run, your target clientele, and the ambiance you’re after should inform your restaurant decor. Whether you run a contemporary gastropub or a nostalgic diner, the art you choose should be perfectly suited to your motif and message. Think carefully about the theme of your eatery and keep it in mind when working with art design consultants to select pieces to adorn your walls.

Keep Colors in Mind
Although there’s nothing wrong with sticking to classic black-and-white photography, you shouldn’t be afraid to play with color with your wall art. For restaurants, in particular, your color choice may matter a lot. Too much white space or an abundance of blue hues can actually backfire in a dining establishment. That’s because cool colors can actually suppress the appetite. Warm tones will be your friend here, since studies have found that yellows, oranges, and reds can help viewers feel more ravenous. Just keep in mind that harsh, overly bold colors of any kind won’t usually work well in a restaurant. Your art design consultants can come up with pieces that will convince hungry customers to stick around and order more simply by using color in a thoughtful way.

Make it Cohesive
In this case, it’s art — not love — that will keep us together. Whether you use artwork to make a statement or to subtly complement the other design elements you’ve already chosen, the end result should be aesthetically pleasing and completely consistent. Every element should make sense with the story you’re trying to tell and the experience you’re trying to create for guests. You can find inspiration in the materials you’ve used in the design of your restaurant (such as reclaimed wood beams and tables, fabric colors, seating style, and industrial touches) that can help inform your choice of art.

Working with art design consultants on your restaurant decor can help create an incredible experience for diners. To find out more about our services, please contact us today.



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