How to Choose the Best Artwork For Your Office in 3 Easy Steps

corporate art consultant

How to Choose the Best Artwork For Your Office in 3 Easy Steps

corporate art consultant

The health benefits of art are quite significant. In hospital settings, the use of the right kind of art can facilitate faster healing. In the professional realm, art can relieve workplace stress, improve corporate culture, and solidify relationships with clients. In addition, 94% of respondents believe art makes their workplace more welcoming and 61% agree that it also stimulates creativity. So if your office doesn’t have much art to speak of, you’re really missing out.

That said, you can’t simply throw up some motivational posters or poor-quality prints and call it a day. We know how art helps employees, but those effects can be felt only if the correct kind of art is chosen. That’s often where the expertise of a corporate art consultant comes in handy. When working with a corporate art consultant, you’ll gain access to their knowledge and a vast selection of amazing pieces. Whether you’re trying to select art on your own or decide to work with a professional, here are three simple steps to keep in mind when selecting office art.

Decide on Location

Before you decide on the kind of art you’d like to display, you’ll need to select where it will go. There are a number of places in your office where art can be extremely effective. The main lobby, meeting rooms, work areas, lounge, and other spots can all benefit from the addition of art. Putting art in the lobby can make for an excellent first impression and show clients what your business is all about, while adding artwork in meeting spaces can spark creativity and allow employees to be more productive. Installing other kinds of art around cubicles or in common areas can even provide stress relief. Once you determine where you’d like to add some art, you’ll be able to decide on the proper scale and the right type to feature.

Consider Color and Style

The psychology of color can make a big difference in the type of art you’ll choose for your office. Vivid colors like red and orange can make employees feel more energized and excited, while tones like blue and brown evoke calmness and reliability. Depending on how you want your employees to feel when they’re in a given space, you’ll want to think carefully about the colors of the pieces you choose. The same goes for the style of artwork you decide to highlight. Modern works are generally thought to be more stimulating, while nature scenes are considered to be more calming. Your corporate art consultant will be able to point you in the right direction here.

Support Your Brand

The addition of art can certainly help your employees be happier at work. But it can also improve your company perception and even support your brand messaging. Your corporate identity is unique — and your art should consistently support your values, your mission, and your branding. Your office art should communicate important information about your company to prospective clients, employees, and others who visit the office. This messaging may be subtle, but it should definitely be present. Figure out which values your organization really cares about and work with your corporate art consultant to pick out pieces that support those messages.

Picking the right artwork for an office environment can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to start. Our top art advisors can guide you through this process and help you to decide on incredible pieces. For more information, please contact us today.



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