How much does an art curator make? ? You’ll be surprised with this

An art curator works a lot in museums

How much does an art curator make? ? You’ll be surprised with this

Many people wonder how much do art curators make. We are referring to a job that is usually very mysterious. Few people understand what the real job of an art curator is. Much less is it known how much he or she might earn, but we can estimate it based on the work of these experts.

Experts? That’s right, an art curator is a professional that can be seen in action in museums. He or she mainly fulfills the function of creating an exhibition from a single work of art, from a single artist. This is a person who must have knowledge of the history of art, of the main artists that exist. Then he or she must put together a series of works to tell that story.

Now, is this work limited only to museums? At one point we might think so. After all, it is the job of a person who has to put together an exhibition, so to speak. However, it is not only in a museum dedicated to art that we can find the work of a curator. In fact, although many people do not know it, they end up hiring their services.

Before knowing how much an art curator does, it is convenient to know who he/she is, what they specialize in. They have a very important job and knowing this will help you understand what service you should hire when you go to an art consultancy. Whether it is to decorate your home, your office, a space in your company. Maybe you are in charge of a museum and do not have this service. Whatever the situation, today you will learn how a curator can help you.

Learn how an art curator does his or her job

The art curator adapts works to your business

To know how much do art curators make, we must know what they do. They are experts in charge of making art exhibitions, however, how do they do it?  The main virtue of this professional is to understand perfectly how a story takes place. That is to say, if you want to make an exhibition about Da Vinci’s works, you must start by telling his story.

Then, based on this story, you will build the exhibition. It is intended to communicate to the viewer what is happening with the passage of each work of art. A curator is not the one who creates a work of art, but uses the work to create a sensation. This job requires certain skills on the part of the art professional.

1. Historical knowledge

At the outset we must know that the curator is an expert in art history. Usually the exhibitions are based on moments in the life of the main artists, their development and other information. Based on this the curator can take several works and create a concept of art that is tangible.

2. Communicative ability

The curator must be able to get his or her idea across to the public, to convey the message successfully and not just through the paintings. While it is true that a picture says more than a thousand words, the explanation is also important. It is usually considered that such a professional should also have knowledge of philosophy. In this way he or she can make viewers connect with an art exhibition.

3. Adaptation to new areas

Nowadays art is not limited only to museums or people with power. Any business owner or building owner resorts to this service in order to create an exhibition according to the space. The work to be done in a doctor’s office is not the same as in your living room.

It’s time to find out how much an art curator makes

Exactly how much do art curators make? It will also depend on where we are. However, we can refer to the information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which reflects information on salaries. In this regard they state that in 2018, the job of curator was paid approximately $53,000 per year.

This amount can vary greatly depending on the type of work being performed. For example, it is also known that up to 10% of salaries crossed the $80,000 barrier. Therefore, it can be said that this is a profitable job and it is not for less. The curator has many skills that can hardly be found elsewhere.

We are not only referring to the ability to create art exhibitions for museums. Also important is the way in which an artist can create a specific concept for his or her workplace or home. You see this a lot with people who want to create an exhibit about the history of their company. Or maybe just create a work that tells the different areas of a job.

For this you should have a curator who has no problem learning something new. After all, the ability to understand the artistic concept of any company is very important. Don’t you think your company has something similar? Working with an art professional will help you discover something you may have never seen before but was always there.

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You know how much do art curators make and now you will know where you can hire this service at the best price. In Smart Art Inc you will find the best consulting services to create unique exhibitions for any place. From your home to your office, practice or salon, you can create great concepts from professional opinion.

Art often generates conflicts because not everyone has the same ideas. However, at Smartart we adapt to you. Your opinion will be the base on which we will build something never seen before.

Give a new style to your property with the help of artistic elements. At Smart Art Inc we help you with ready-made works or we can produce them according to your taste. The opinion of our clients is very positive as they always end up surprised with the work done. This is where the best curators will be ready to work for you.

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