How Hotel Lobby Art Benefits Your Hotel or Restaurant

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How Hotel Lobby Art Benefits Your Hotel or Restaurant

hotel lobbyOnce you decorate your hotel lobby with some appealing and riveting artwork, you will find that visitors feel more at ease spending time in the lobby. Once guests feel at home from the moment they enter your hotel lobby, you can bet they’ll fall in love with your hotel experience.

Beautiful artwork has a positive way of speaking to the heart and mind of a person. Your guests will be intrigued by excellent hotel lobby designs. Here are some benefits of having art in your hotel lobby.

Injects Life into Your Hotel Lobby

Your hotel lobby is more than a reception space where guests enter, wait, and leave through. Once you decorate your lobby space with beautiful pieces of artwork, you can use the space as a mini-bar, lounge, or a meeting area. When guests feel at ease dining or enjoying their favorite beverage in your hotel lobby, they will spark up the ambiance and feeling in your hotel.

Boosts the Morale of Your Employees

Being in the hospitality industry, you need your employees to be jovial and charming as they serve your guests. Installing artwork in your hotel lobby will go a long way to lift their spirits and make them much more productive. According to 94% of respondents of a survey, art makes their workplace feel more welcoming. While 61% concur that great artwork stimulates their creativity.

Sparks Conversations Among Your Guests

Artwork is a great point of stimulating conversations among strangers. A hotel art consultant will help you pick some unique pieces of hotel artwork that communicate a universal message. Therefore, most of your guests will resonate with the artwork in your hotel. Human beings are social beings by nature, and we can almost always find a reason to initiate a conversation. As such, an appealing piece of artwork will give your guests a decent reason to start a conversation.

Creates Great Memories for Your Guests

Your guests have different reasons for booking your hotel. Some may be on a weekend get-way or their honeymoon. Others may be attending the funeral of a dearly departed. You can’t control how your guest feel before they book in your hotel, but once they’re in your hotel, great artwork may rejuvenate their spirits. Your guests may not remember how good your food was, but a unique piece of art will remind them of your hotel.

Helps Promote the Local Artists and Tourism

By installing artwork in your hotel lobby, you’re not only decorating your space but also promoting the artists. You may also install artwork that displays the popular tourist-attraction sites in your state. By promoting your local artists and your state’s tourism sites, you’ll also benefit because your guests may end up prolonging their stay. Additionally, the artists may also book exhibitions in your hotel, and you benefit from the resulting traffic as more people get to know your hotel.

As a hotel owner, you want your guests to have the best experience so that they can come back and perhaps refer a friend or two. Why not start by decorating your hotel lobby with artwork that appeals to the eye, heart, and mind? The good thing is that you don’t have to do it alone, as you can trust hospitality art consultants to help you pick the best hotel lobby art.



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