How Can Art Work Enhance the Environment at Assisted Living Facilities?

Artwork in healthcare

How Can Art Work Enhance the Environment at Assisted Living Facilities?

Even if most people think they understand the value of art in assisted living facilities, they may be lost on some of the details. In assisted living facilities and other healthcare environments, choosing the right works of art can have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of the facility. Here are a few ways in which art enhances the environment at an assisted living facility.

Artwork in healthcareArtwork in healthcare provides much-needed stress relief for staff and patients alike

Let’s face it: assisted living facilities can be quite stressful sometimes. Anything you can do to reduce the stress levels of patients and staff members is always advisable. As it turns out, choosing the right artwork can have an enormous impact on the stress levels of everyone in the facility. Not only do paintings, photographs, and other artworks provide visual stimulation, they also create a sense of joy, intrigue, and well being. Furthermore, artworks can stimulate conversations that allow people to get to know one another in a way that is natural and community-based. Creating an environment that is friendly to patients and staff members alike begins with curating the right selection of artworks.

Artwork in healthcare creates a relaxing atmosphere that welcomes new visitors and guests

When you visit an assisted living facility, things can be quite depressing and bland sometimes. While this is certainly a stereotype, it can be fought by doing things to alter the environment for visitors and guests. While certain aspects of any assisted living facility are hard to change, the good news is that hanging up some artwork is an easy way to fundamentally improve the atmosphere. Artwork in healthcare has been shown time and time again to create a more relaxing atmosphere for everyone who steps foot inside of a facility. For example, were you aware of the fact that The Cleveland Clinic recently found that more than 60% of patients reported a reduction in stress from the hospital’s contemporary art collection — works produced in the last 30 years, including fine art posters in exam rooms, public sculptures, nature images, and abstract designs? If you want to create a better mode and invite new visitors, then adorning the walls of the facility with beautiful works of art is an excellent starting point.

Artwork in healthcare may even improve the healing process

There’s no doubt that artwork in healthcare can have a profound effect on the mind. This is especially true in assisted living facilities. But even so, there is sometimes not enough of an emphasis placed upon the positive impact that artwork in healthcare has upon the body as well. As we all know, the mind-body connection is a strong one. As it turns out, the right piece of artwork can dramatically improve the healing process in all kinds of people. Anyone looking to create a healthier environment in an assisted living facility would be wise to consider the impact that their artwork is having.

The process of decorating an assisted living facility can be quite fun and creative too. If you’re not sure how to arrange your space to create a stress-free workplace that is relaxing and healing, then reaching out to work with corporate art consultants may be just the thing for you. You may be asking yourself: what exactly do art consultants do? Well, it’s a fair question. First and foremost, corporate art consultants take your facility’s unique considerations and elements into account to generate some ideas for artworks that will match your aesthetic. Furthermore, if you’re lost on choosing a theme or sensibility, the right consultants can work with you to come up with some unique ideas. Using consultants can make the process of enhancing your assisted living facility, hospital, or hotel lobby that much easier and free of stress.

Of course, you’ll want to be sure that you choose a corporate art consultant that you know you can trust. At Smart Art Inc., we are proud to offer some of the top art advisors available for consultations in all kinds of facilities. Sure, we can certainly help with your assisted living facility, but our experts are also comfortable working in all types of commercial, healthcare, and tourist environments. Not sure what steps you need to take to get started? Just looking for some more information? No worries! All you have to do is reach out and get in touch with a member of our team today. We can’t wait to work with you!



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