How Can Art Help People Living in Assisted Living Facilities?

How Can Art Help People Living in Assisted Living Facilities?

In previous blog posts, we’ve explored the many benefits to employees when art is installed in the workplace. However, in environments such as schools, hospitals, and assisted living facilities, artwork benefits everyone around it, whether they’re students, patients, or workers in the building. That’s why many assisted living companies are now investing in artwork for their facilities.

It is no secret that people live longer today compared to a century ago. As the U.S. population goes grey, millions of seniors will require assisted living services. Art for assisted living facilities has a number of great benefits for seniors.

How Art for Assisted Living Facilities Helps the Elderly

Already, many assisted living facilities are employing art therapists to keep residents engaged and to improve their quality of life. Likewise, art installations can have the same effect. A drab and dreary environment simply is not conducive to living your best life. However, art for senior living and assisted living facilities can create a healthy environment for the mind. Rather than looking like a hospital, the facility will look more like an upscale hotel.

Creating a Sense of Purpose and Creativity

When people start aging, they may experience stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and memory problems. The best assisted living facilities know how to alleviate these feelings of despair, and art for senior living can play a small but important role in that process. Art is known to increase creativity by 64% and reduce stress by 78% when placed in the workplace. While assisted living workers may experience these benefits, so too will their patients.

There is a growing appreciation of the way a healthcare facility’s environment can affect the healing process, positive and negatively. That’s why artwork in healthcare settings is so crucial.

Art for assisted living facilities can involve both professional pieces of art and pieces made by residents and their guests. If your senior living home features art classes, then artwork displays are a great way to display this work. You can also create a mural or kids corner, where the artwork of grandchildren can be proudly displayed.

Health Benefits

Creative projects, as well as other arts and crafts, play a big role in alleviating boredom. The idea is to keep older people’s minds busy. Many seniors suffer from depression and other mental health challenges. These feelings can intensify in low quality assisted living facilities. The feeling of isolation and the effects of aging can weigh heavily on seniors. Art for assisted living facilities is a great way to improve the environment. Inside residents’ rooms, employees can help them create a collage of photos from their past. It will refresh their minds as they recall the many wonderful moments they had with their friends and family.

Alleviating Pain

There are many painful diseases that affect seniors. Such diseases include arthritis and hypertension, among countless, others. Art can provide these patients with some way of relieving pain and stress. Art therapy reduces stress and gives the patient a way to express emotions, and in the process, relieve their pain. Art for assisted living facilities has also been used to treat physical inflammation, joint pain, and stiffness.

Art therapy engages the arms, hands, and fingers. It promotes dexterity, better blood flow, and mental stimulation. Seniors who use art to relax experience less pain and feel more flexible.

Art has a big effect on your well-being — no matter your age. That’s why art for senior living facilities is such an important investment.



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