How Art Can Help Your Employees Be More Productive

boosts productivity

How Art Can Help Your Employees Be More Productive

boosts productivityDid you know that people who work in enriched spaces become 17% more productive than those working in lean environments? In past decades, employees were resigned to working in bland environments with no external inspiration. In today’s workplace, however, things are turning a corner. More organizations see the importance of creating enriched workspaces. These enriched spaces are marked by either art decoration or ornately placed plant life.

An enriched workspace boosts productivity by moving your workers to aspire to deliver at a higher level. Here is a more in-depth look at how creative office design can help your employees do more.

Provides a Necessary Distraction

When your employees are deeply engaged in a workplace project, their focus is expended squarely on the matter at hand. At a certain point in time, their creativity begins to deliver diminishing returns due to the exhaustion. Having gorgeous and compelling art in the workplace typically boosts productivity by providing the staff with a brief yet valuable distraction. The short pause that the artwork will give an employee will help their mind reset. As a result, they will come back to the job with a fresh mind which can deliver new insights.

What you ought to know is that in some instances, distraction is a positive force that boosts productivity. Studies have shown that a distracted mind isn’t necessarily an idle one. Quite the opposite is true – a distracted mind is still involved in mental processes. These underlying mental processes stimulate productivity in new directions that can add value to the workplace.

Improves Employee Experiences

The kind of environment your staff operates in has a direct influence on their motivation to work. If employees operate in a sparse environment that does not offer them the comfort necessary to get their jobs done, it will be hard to improve their morale. A principal method in how art helps employees keep their resolve going is that it creates a more relaxing atmosphere for them to operate in. The result is that your application of art boosts productivity since motivated employees deliver a higher quantity and quality output.

Additionally, incorporating art into your workspace tells your employees that you care for their holistic wellbeing. To them, the fact that you went the extra mile to select and display pieces that inspire them speaks to your deeper level of care for them. Such awareness among your team will earn you loyalty in their hearts and translate to higher productivity in their assignments.

Enhances Customer Experiences

If your business demands a lot from the customer care desk, the kind of experience walk-in clients receive goes a long way in bringing more business your way. Just as with your employees, when you display thoughtful and compelling artwork, it has the net effect of creating a calm and inviting environment for those who come through your doors. Any customer who has to wait in your reception area, for example, will likely enjoy evocative art pieces or photo work as they while away their time. Customers tend to recall how an office environment made them feel. Thus, your workspace will manage to stand out due to their positive art-infused experience. As a result, this will draw them to keep coming back for more of your services and products. On top of that, memorable customer experience through art can lead to more word-of-mouth recommendations. Put together, these effects of a desirable customer experience ultimately boost productivity in your organization via a healthier bottom line.

Today’s organizations understand how an enhanced workspace boosts productivity among team members. To create a more alluring environment, you can use artwork to create a pleasant employee and customer experience.



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