Hottest Hospitality Trends For 2020

art consultants looking for artists

Hottest Hospitality Trends For 2020

With the rise of social media, many hotels clamored to make their spaces picture perfect for Instagram. However, those days may be over. Newer trends are showing that hotel owners are seeking art consultants looking for artists that can provide a unique flair in order to stand out from a cookie-cutter approach. So, what new hotel artwork design elements are these owners seeking out? Here are the hottest hospitality trends for 2020.

art consultants looking for artistsEnvironmentally Friendly Decor

Hotel owners are taking an environmentally friendly approach with their art for hotel guests. Some owners are using biodegradable linens, air-purifying sculptures, and carbon-neutral paint for their decor. Many owners are focusing on bringing natural elements indoors such as sculptural flower arrangements, large scale plant installations, and living landscape murals. They are recognizing the healing power of art and meeting that need for their customers.

Layered Patterns

With the return to nature focus, the newest trends are passing on polished finishes and opting for handcrafted furnishings and natural surfaces. Hotels are seeking art consultants looking for artists that can provide a vintage look and feel mixed in with the modern design. The focus is on creating richer environments that layer multiple patterns and materials with a mixture of new and old objects to create a more relaxing atmosphere. These layered patterns can lower cortisol levels for guests, which can help them feel less stressed after being weary from travel.

Self Care

With all the tumultuous events that have been occurring around the world lately, hotels are recognizing the vast need of their guests to practice self-care. Spa and wellness elements are hot items. Part of the self-care focus is also attending to personal needs. Newer art designs are creating spaces for guests to be able to create their own experiences rather than having things forced on them they don’t want. By paying attention to what your guests are looking for when it’s time to rest and relax, you can create a stress relief environment filled with things they’ll truly enjoy.

As hotels reach out to art consultants looking for artists, it’s important to consider what type of design elements will be best suited for their guests. An individualistic expression can help a hotel stand apart from other hotels that are trying to copy what others are doing. Standing out from the crowd is the best way for improving guest satisfaction in hotels and attract new customers.



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