Hotel Lobby Design Ideas That’ll Have Guests Never Wanting To Leave

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Hotel Lobby Design Ideas That’ll Have Guests Never Wanting To Leave

Well-thought-out hotel lobby design ideas are crucial when considering how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels. While it is a customer facing service industry, it won’t do to neglect the details of the setting. After all, a relaxing atmosphere upon entry is the first step in providing stress relief while they’re using your hotel as a home away from home.

Even employees agree on the vibes of workplace decorations, with 94% saying art makes the workplace more welcoming and 61% saying it also stimulates creativity. Add in the guests and you’ll be able to see just what an impression your hotel makes when they step into your lobby. We’ve got some hotel lobby design ideas that’ll get the ball rolling as soon as your guests cross the threshold.

Light it up

Light is scientifically proven to boost people’s moods. Your hotel lobby is the first impression your guests get when walking into your hotel, weary from their journey. Make sure it’s well-lit. Not blinding or overwhelming, but warm and light enough to say we’re here, it’s cozy, and we’re glad to have you. Light also plays an important part in guiding guests to where they need to go. Brighten things up a bit.

Flaunt it

Sure, budgeting and design constraints are a thing. But, within reason, your lobby is a place to flaunt. First impressions are everything and it never hurts to be a little extravagant in your welcoming of new guests. In the confident words of the ever extravagant Disney candlestick, Lumiere: Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test! Your lobby should sing like that.


In the same vein as flaunting, some good central pieces a perfect incorporation into your hotel lobby design ideas. Whether you choose fountains, fireplaces, sculptures, or a pleasant combination of the lot, catching the eye is an important welcoming aspect for guest arrivals. A bit of dazzle and glamour always do the trick.

Whatever design ideas you have up your sleeve, the hotel lobby is an important part of your guest experience. A welcoming design reception to go along with immaculate service is exactly what makes new guests into old friends.



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