Hotel Art: Essential Element Or Decorative Afterthought?

how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels

Hotel Art: Essential Element Or Decorative Afterthought?

how to improve guest satisfaction in hotelsThere was a time in which great hotel art design was an anomaly. Unless you stayed in the most opulent boutique hotels in a major metropolis, you’d likely be greeted by bad art — the equivalent of a questionable stock image or something you might find at a yard sale, duplicated many times over to line the halls. But these days, even moderately priced chains are upping their art game. Wall art is no longer a decorative afterthought; instead, it’s one option to explore when discovering how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels.

It might seem like a small change that couldn’t possibly make a substantial impact. After all, budgeting turn-key art services encompasses around 1-2% of the overall construction budget. In comparison to other features, it might not seem like hotel lobby design ideas or art utilization throughout an establishment could really matter that much. But reports suggest that it does matter quite a bit to guests.

When art for hotels and restaurants is utilized well, it has the power to improve the customer experience in several ways. Looking at a piece of art can do wonders for our mental and emotional health, for one thing. Ultimately, hotels want to help their guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Working with hotel artwork suppliers to design the space can allow hoteliers to accomplish this with comparatively little effort.

Some reports have also found that guests have said they enjoy looking at their hotel’s art when it tells a story and speaks to them on a personal level. Rather than choosing easily replicated art one could find at virtually any store, carefully curated pieces and designs can actually provide a boost to your brand and make a difference in a guest’s experience. In a travel piece for CNN, one frequent traveler said: “When I do find myself staying somewhere with a thought-provoking painting or installation, it stops me in my tracks. I wouldn’t choose a hotel for the art, but I would certainly remember my stay if the art was amazing.”

In their quest to learn how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels, some establishments have even offered up an alternative to a crowded art museum or five-star eatery. It’s possible to entice guests with jam-packed schedules to stick around to visit your on-site gallery (even better if you have a gift shop!) or eat in your artistic restaurant instead of seeking out offerings elsewhere. The care you take with your art selection can play a big part in making your hotel a true destination, rather than just a place to sleep.

Understanding how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels is a complex process, and the answer may differ depending on your location and type of establishment. But more than likely, you can’t afford to discount art selection in pursuit of this goal. By offering something unique and aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be able to attract travelers of all kinds — and make them look back on their stay with fondness.



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