Hotel Art: Design Concepts for a Honeymoon Suite

Hotel Art: Design Concepts for a Honeymoon Suite

Hotel Art: Design Concepts for a Honeymoon Suite

how art helps employees

According to color psychology, there are many ways that color can impact the way a person feels. For example, neutral and lighter colors can make a person feel calm and serene. Mint, light brown, tan, cement gray, sky blue, and other lighter hues work well to put people at ease.

Other colors, such as vibrant orange, yellow, salmon pink, and other brighter hues, including lime or grass green, incite a happy feeling. For a more elegant and sophisticated — or confident — appeal, using eggplant, navy, hunter green, and other deeper tones is ideal. You may be wondering, how do you incorporate art into your hotel so your guests feel the way you want them to feel? Or, you may be wondering this, what is an art consultant, and what does an art consultant do?

Art in your hotel will not only help improve the way your guests feel, but it can also make your employees more productive as well. How art helps employees is like this: studies show that employees who work in a space where they have access to art and colorful areas are 17% more productive than workers who work in a space that lacks art or creativity.

So, for stress relief and an engaging environment that your guests and employees can enjoy, consider just what type of relaxing atmosphere you want to create for your company. Here are some design concepts for your hotel.

Engaging, Welcoming Colors

The right colors will make your hotel rooms stand out in positive ways. Hotel rooms should be outfitted with calming, welcoming colors in crisp, clean white, soft yellows and browns, and a single accent color that makes rooms stand out in pretty ways. You don’t want to go too masculine or feminine in your hotel guest rooms, particularly in main business suites, but you do want to make spaces feel larger and more accommodating. Your art consultant will show you several colors that will work best for your establishment.

Natural Art and Plants

When you put natural art on the walls, you help take your guests to a place of comfort and longing. You also make your hotel more earthy in its appearance and you can even promote your local hot spots and attractions by installing artwork by your local artists and photographers. When you put in workplace decorations that are unique, you make your hotel rooms even more fun and engaging. Natural art is just one of the ways how art helps employees and guests alike.

You can put plants in hotel rooms as well, but just make sure you choose plants that are hypoallergenic and easy to care for. Succulents are easy choices when it comes to decorating a hotel room for the enjoyment of guests and employees. You can also put plants in your hotel lobby and hallways if you aren’t wanting to put plants in the main guest rooms.

There is a fine balance to how art helps employees and how art helps out your hotel guests as well. You want to work with your art consultant to do much of the work for you. If you are wondering what do art consultants do, then you are about to be pleasantly surprised at the many ways your art consultant can actually be beneficial to you and help you select the right decor for your hotel’s needs.



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