Honeymoon hotel art: Some tips to help you to choose your perfect room

Enjoy magical days in your honeymoon hotel art!

Honeymoon hotel art: Some tips to help you to choose your perfect room

Choosing your honeymoon hotel art is one of the wedding preparations that couples are most excited about, and we understand very well why. Dreaming of faraway paradisiacal beaches, breathtaking safaris, the most cosmopolitan cities or millenary landscapes and cultures. 

But  do you have a clear idea of what type of room to choose? We are not just talking about hesitating between a room with a sea view or indulging yourself and staying in one of those wonderful bungalows over the water. 

In some cases you may think that the hotel room will be just a place to spend the night after a long and busy day. In others, just another room between stopovers or the next honeymoon destination; and then there are the couples who make the room and the hotel their special place.

Regardless of any of the above assumptions, the basic thing is to choose a honeymoon hotel art room with your rest in mind. Long flight hours, intense days of excursions and activities, exhausting itineraries and jet lag appearance makes necessary a good place to rest.

Privacy and tranquility on a honeymoon hotel art

You will surely have already taken more than one romantic getaway, even so, taking the wedding trip as a special moment for both of you. Especially, after the busy weeks of wedding preparations and intense days surrounded by family and friends. 

Hence, the intimacy and tranquility of a room are other qualities to keep in mind. From a private room in a rural house, bed and breakfast or glamping. Also,  a suite type room in a hotel or, the option that generates more sighs, enjoy a private villa surrounded by lush tropical gardens or with stunning ocean views.

Another way to opt for a quiet and intimate honeymoon hotel art is to stay in boutique hotels and small resorts. The most special ones have only about twenty rooms offering unique experiences, discretion and privacy.

Comfort and luxury

Your honeymoon hotel art should give you an unique experience

Even if your honeymoon is a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise, you will appreciate having that little bit of private balcony where you can get some fresh air. There’s nothing like sitting and enjoying the sunset over the ocean or enjoying breakfast in your room. 

We know that in many cases the honeymoon budget goes into the very choice of the destination and the overall package. But  anyways, a wise decision will be to set aside a little bit to be able to choose a comfortable room with a view.

During that couple of weeks where the hotel & resort room will be your home, do not skimp on comfort. Take advantage of a spacious bedroom and all the comfort and luxury that your honeymoon hotel art should have.

But if there is a favorite option, which is very convenient for many couples, it is the all-inclusive honeymoon package. The “full board” solves very well the “what shall we eat today”, but looks very well that you have a selection of restaurants, cafes, bars and room service, with a varied menu. If you are a couple that likes to go on your own and explore the cultural diversity of your destination, the “half board”may be your solution.

Architecture and interior design of your honeymoon hotel art

A priori this may not be a quality that most couples pay attention to, or may seem only reserved for newlyweds with more sybaritic tastes. But, if you have spent so much time and care in organizing a unique wedding with special details, why not transfer that same taste to the choice of the room for your honeymoon hotel art

Fortunately, nowadays hotels and rural houses take great care of the decoration for the enjoyment of their guests and as a sign of identity and style. In many cases, they also know how to create interiors that combine tradition, modernity and comfort.

Obviously, we are not referring here to having a beautiful painting in the room or a bed linen matched with the curtains. We are talking about hotel rooms, where the decoration is an experience by itself, taking the guests to an immersion experience through the local architecture and traditions.

All of this through a sustainable architecture integrated with nature or discovering a distribution open to the landscape and where the concepts of exterior – interior remain simple sensations.

Beautiful experiences for two

Enjoy together in your honeymoon hotel artIn the end, the success of any stay is also in the attention, services and experiences that the establishment and its staff offers to its guests. Although it may seem corny, you will love to receive and see some nice details only as a welcome to start enjoying your experience.

Practically all hotels around the world offer exclusive plans for newlyweds with the most beautiful and romantic experiences that will make you come back.

And that fit perfectly with the rest of the facilities and special activities of the honeymoon hotel art: couple’s massages, spa sessions, romantic dinner under the stars, open-air cinema, floating breakfast or a ride on traditional boats, to mention just a few of the experiences you can enjoy on your honeymoon.


Without a doubt, your honeymoon hotel art will be a magical experience that you will never forget. With this in mind, at Smart Art we want it to be the best it can be.

For this reason, throughout this article we have compiled everything that, in our opinion, you should pay attention to, so keep checking our blog and don’t miss out on more information like this!



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