Hiring An Art Consultant? Look For These 5 Qualities

Hiring An Art Consultant? Look For These 5 Qualities

If you are looking to add art to your hotel or restaurant, professional art design consultants are great options. These individuals are trained to curate art to match a space and create the desired mood. As with any consultant, the top art advisers will possess certain qualities. When starting your search process, be sure to look for the following attributes.

    1. Similar Taste: Before anything else, you want to make sure that the art consultant’s aesthetic preferences are in line with your own. You will be working amongst this art, so its best if you enjoy looking at it. By having a general idea of the look you want to achieve, you will be able to work with the consultant to select the details.


    1. Experience: Check to see how long the professional has been offering art consulting services. Vast experience in the industry likely means that they understand the details involved in selecting and purchasing art for hotels and restaurants.


    1. An Intuitive Process: The art consultant you select should be able to provide a written agreement, organized financial transactions, and a simple approval process. Be sure that your organization is able to work with them in an efficient manner. Disorganization can be detrimental to the entire process.


    1. Strong Communication Skills: Research by Exeter University found that employees who have control over the design and layout of their work space are 32% more productive, as well as happier and healthier. Your art consultant should be willing to communicate with you, as well as your employees, about what everyone wants in the space.


  1. A Professional Web Presence: Conduct a simple Google search of the consultant to check their website and social media profiles. Their pages should reflect their brand and professionalism. Also check for customer reviews, as these testimonials can be useful in your selection process.

Taking the time to hire the best possible art design consultants will pay off with a beautiful selection of art for your business. Be sure to have a list of needs in mind before and during the process, and always keep communication lines open. Your employees and clients will reap the benefits of your attention to detail.



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