Good Art Makes Happy Employees

choosing art for the workplace

Good Art Makes Happy Employees

choosing art for the workplace

How Art Impacts Employees

While we all recognize art as an integral part of the human experience, art is often segregated in our minds for homes and museums. While we highly recommend art in the home to create a relaxing atmosphere, there are many benefits to incorporating art in the office to reduce workplace stress and create an uplifting and inspiring environment.

Choosing art for the workplace is an important task. Depending on what type of work your employees do, or if your office is customer facing or not, will determine the type of art that is right for you. As some of the top art advisors in the area, we have implemented psychological studies of art and the workplace to ensure we help you in choosing art for the workplace that matches your business needs and goals.

Sometimes still life paintings are appropriate, other times abstract art inspires the most creativity. Regardless of what type of art you are choosing for the workplace, here are the overall benefits you can expect.

Clarifies Company Values: That’s right. One of the most important aspects of choosing art for the workplace is that the art will help clarify the company values. For example, if you value extreme work ethic as a business owner, your art should reflect that. Intelligently selected art can also help reflect a company’s history and tell a story about what type of people you are. This affects both employees, clients, partners, and prospects. Anytime a person enters your office, the subliminal messaging of the art will immediately impact how they feel about you and your company. This an help set the tone for an important sale or partnership, or simply engage employees in an open and positive mindset at the beginning of each day.

Increases Employee Engagement: Speaking of employees, having an incredible selection of art in the office can help engage employees. In a survey done by Gallup Polls, over half of workers stated that they were not engaged in their jobs, with over 15% stating they were actively disengaged! Art has been shown to remedy this problem by giving a beautiful aesthetic to the area. Additionally, art inspires! Use your art to remind employees of important company messages. Use art to inspire employees to be creative and reach for stretch goals. Additionally, art can be a great focal point of conversation that fosters interaction between employees. Employees that become acquaintances and friends in the office tend to work harder and more effectively together on long term projects.

Art Boosts Company Profits: When choosing art for the workplace, how the art impacts your bottom line probably didn’t enter your mind. However many studies have shown that incorporating the right type of art in your workplace can have significant impacts on sales, creativity, and employee productivity. As an example, a study done by the University of London found that subjects who viewed a beautiful painting exhibited the “joy response” in the brain which increased mood and happiness. Countless studies have shown that when employees are happy they sell better, they create better, and they produce more. Additionally, as mentioned before, art can have a dramatic impact on potential business clients. Consider hanging important and inspiring pieces in a conference room or office where meetings with prospective clients will take place. This can help set the tone and inspire those present to be more open to making a deal.

While some art is subtle, and other art is more bold in its appearance, it all has an incredible impact on the mood and environment of the workplace. While calculating an exact return on investment of art may not be possible, it is clear that there is a significant return in employees eyes.

We have spent years studying the psychological impact of art and workplace settings. We understand how important it is to communicate verbally and non-verbally with employees and clients the values of your business. Because of this, we have set up an intelligent process of working with you to select the right type of art for your workplace setting. Whether you want art that inspires hard work and creativity, or work that calms employees faced with stressful situations, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere.



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