From Healthcare Art to Hotel Lobby Art: Why Customized Artwork Matters

healthcare art

From Healthcare Art to Hotel Lobby Art: Why Customized Artwork Matters

healthcare artCustom art enriches the world in so many ways. In fact, a recent survey revealed that art in the workplace makes the setting more welcoming for 94% of those who responded. In addition, 61% agreed that creativity was definitely stimulated by the presence of art in a work area. Whether the discussion revolves around restaurant art, healthcare art, hotel lobby art, or more, here are some of the reasons that an art consultant might offer for supporting customized artwork in public places.

Art is Energizing

The positive effects of art can only be described as energizing. When viewing a piece of artwork, individuals have a variety of reactions. Most of the time it is very stimulating, and individuals are energized. Their own creativity is stirred up, and they become more alive. Some artwork, such as sculpture, even encourages individuals to touch it. This tactile response from an interactive experience enhances the energizing effects of art even further.

Art is Educational

How did the artist make this piece? Where did the materials come from where did the ideas come from? How did the artist learn how to do this? What inspired the artist to create this piece? Are there any more like this? The questions generated by a piece of artwork in a public area are practically limitless.

Art is Empowering

Remember the last time you saw a beautiful painting; didn’t you feel as if it were affecting you physically, you could feel your reaction to it through your entire being? This is the empowering effect of art. This benefit of artwork in public places is particularly noted in healthcare art. In this venue, individuals find peace, tranquility, solace, and even courage when viewing the artwork that has been placed in public areas such as waiting rooms and dining areas.

Art is Enigmatic

What better way to start a conversation than to have a piece of customized artwork in a public area? Truly, everyone has an opinion about artwork! The attention that a piece of art receives is undeniable. People notice the artwork and start commenting on it. Individuals can have highly different reactions to a piece of art, and highly different interpretations. Children, especially react to art! One piece of art in a public area will certainly bring strangers together!

Art is Employment

The reality is, a major benefit to having customized artwork in public spaces is that it creates jobs. Artists will be commissioned to create pieces and this is good for the economy. Plus, the aesthetic benefit will last long after the piece is completed. Overall, this is a complete win-win situation!

Art is Enlightening

Many times, a work of art will inspire an “aha” moment. The individual viewing the piece may be reminded of something they have seen in the past. Or, they may be intrigued, their imagination sparked by seeing something totally new and different. In any case, the light goes on!


A discussion about customized artwork in public places with someone in the business of art consulting would certainly be an eye-opener. Yes, there are many benefits to the presence of customized art. Whether it is healthcare art, hotel lobby art, or one of the many other options that might be considered, the positive impact of installing customized pieces of art in public places is a crucial component of interior design.



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