Some things you should know about elevator lobby design and a few examples!

Discover some of the most famous elevator lobby design with us!

Some things you should know about elevator lobby design and a few examples!

Planning to include elevators is a vital part of many building projects, but it is not usually high on the designers list of priorities. Here are our tips to help you find the best elevator lobby design for your project and ensure that your building is fully functional.

Elevators have something in common with other vital but not so flashy technologies we work with every day that we take for granted. However, just like these, when elevators aren’t well designed to fit in with your spaces properly, we get easily irritated.

Since elevators are often overlooked essentials in buildings, you’re probably not used to getting high praise for the design of your elevators. However, it is very important to take care of the process so that in our design all elements of the building work seamlessly and work together, as well as look great.

Why does elevator lobby design planning take time?

Simply put: because elevator lobby design requires a concentrated effort to ensure that not a single detail is overlooked. Proper elevator design varies by size and type of building. There are hundreds of decisions to make. 

For example, a hospital may need separate elevators for patients and staff. Skyscrapers need a sufficient number of elevators with sufficient speed to ensure proper management of the constantly moving foot traffic. 

The elevators you plan for cruise ships must be able to withstand the strong movement that bad weather can cause. And so on, thousands of examples: every building has different challenges that elevators have to face.

Some tips for elevator lobby design

Now that we have established the importance of planning the design of your elevators, we proceed to give you some tips. At Smart Art we are here to provide you with the best advice on art and interior design related topics, making your spaces take advantage of their full potential.

Start as early as possible with the elevator lobby design

The elevator lobby design of your project is not something that can be done at the last minute. The design of the building as a whole affects the elevator design and vice versa.

It’s also important to remember that the entire process from design to installation takes time. And there is always the possibility that your client will change his mind on some point of the design. 

If you start early with it, you will have enough time to be able to include all the rectifications without any problems. Taking this into consideration, we certainly think that this is a very important point, and we could not fail to mention it.

Consider the aesthetics of the elevator

Many people do not consider the design of the elevator interior, and that’s not going to happen to you. The interior of an elevator should fit its use, the users who will use it, and the overall aesthetics of the building.

An elevator is a functional system, but it is also an extension of the building’s style. Choose the right finishes that can withstand the expected traffic in the building.

When it comes to elevator walls and flooring, you can choose from many options such as steel, laminate, glass, vinyl, carpet or stone. We also come across custom finishes, and here there is no limit. 

Other options to consider are, for example, whether the finishes need to be easy to clean or whether the floor should be slip-resistant for trolleys and goods.

Lighting is another important factor, and iIf you work on this point correctly, you will improve the design while reducing energy consumption. You will also need to consider mirrors, which you can add to improve the user experience and safety.

Some examples of a great elevator lobby design

Now that we’ve given you some tips, the time has come that many have probably been waiting for. It’s time to give the spotlight to the protagonists of this article, thanks to their incredible elevator lobby design.

The Standard High Line, Las Vegas

The Standard High Line, Las Vegas

The precursors, in the coolest hotel in New York, had it all: the rooftop, the pool, the ballroom, the views… They only lacked art, more art. That’s why since its inauguration, they decided to turn the trips in their elevators into an ascent to heaven or a descent to hell. 

That was the concept of the video art created by Marco Brambilla, called Civilization. Then, in Creation, you witnessed in the ascent to one of the 18 floors the creation of humanity, the Big Bang. 

And our disappearance also in a big black hole, without any doubt, a philosophical elevator. One of those who fell in love with this installation was Kanye West, who immediately signed Brambilla to devise his video clip “Power”.

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

In this Sin City (Las Vegas) hotel, the elevators are an extension of the reception area. Everything is covered with floor-to-ceiling high-definition screens on which the same work is projected, making an amazing elevator lobby design

The last one, Little Winter , was hypnotic scenes of a miniature winter, creating a really interesting idea. It is well known that Las Vegas, in the absence of museums, has art galleries inside the casino hotels that do not want you to leave.

“The Little Winter” offers a hypnotic view of a miniature winter

With Little Winter you would be trapped for hours, and we are pretty sure about it. If you’re a fan of interior design, you should really visit this place at least once in a lifetime.

QT Hotel, Sydney

In their elevators, they have placed sensors that know how many people are in each moment and according to the number of people the music changes. For example, if there are only two people in the elevator, there is a good chance that the music will be romantic, but if there are four or five, the elevator turns into a party and who knows what floor it will end up on.



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