What is the difference between installation art and sculpture? ?

Installation art focuses on spaces

What is the difference between installation art and sculpture? ?

Not many people know the difference between installation art and sculpture. They are two different concepts but they are oriented towards the same goal. This is to achieve that art is applied in a certain environment or space. Of course, each person has his or her own goals when it comes to managing the art that is developed in any place. However, the important thing is that the work is of quality. 

We always hear different opinions about what installation art is. Meanwhile, the sculptures we all know and understand how they work. Knowing what use can be given to each of the art modalities will help you create a project based solely on your needs. After all, decorating a small space is not the same as decorating an entire environment. 

Art manifests itself in so many ways that it is difficult to know them all. That is, we know that it is about using creativity to create attractive works. However, what is the true scope that these can have? The key is to know that the artistic modalities can range from a small space to the configuration of an entire room. 

Now, what are you looking for with art? Do you want to have a single high quality creative work or do you want to create a pleasant environment made up of several works of art? You can choose either of the two possibilities, since what is really important is that you have the right equipment to achieve it. However, first we must clarify some differences. 

Know the difference between installation art and sculptures

Sculptures have been part of cultural history

It’s hard not to know the differences between installation art and sculptures. After all, they are totally separate concepts even though one can work perfectly well for the other. At the end of the day, the real goal of both is to make a given site look better, more attractive. In addition, there is also the function of adding value to the space, both monetary and cultural. 

When you are going to request an art service dedicated to any of these modalities, it is very important to know their differences. In this way, you will know exactly what you should ask the consultant or agency specialized in art. Let’s remember that when you want to develop a creative project of this style, communication is important to obtain better results. 

  • Installation art 

On the one hand, we have installation art that focuses directly on spaces and environments. That is, it is not a work of art, but a set of reactions coupled together. In this way, you can give more character to a space such as a living room, a hallway or even outdoor areas. Perhaps a classic example of this type of art is the gallery room, which houses all kinds of paintings and sculptures

However, nowadays installation art seeks to design specialized spaces for any business. For example, in designer restaurants, which always have the most attractive spaces, characterized by the use of different works of art. Also in hotels, which generate an artistic configuration capable of attracting more people to stay in the establishment. 

  • Sculptures 

The sculpture is more a unit or a single work of art of which you have surely been able to appreciate different examples. It is characterized by having a high value compared to paintings, although this will depend on the size. In addition, it also represents a large part of the history of many cultures, which have used sculptures as a means of expression. After all, pieces such as Michelangelo’s David are among the most famous. 

They are also interesting for the fact that they can be part of any spatial artistic confection. That is why we say that installation art can perfectly accommodate different types of sculptures. Moreover, they can be used to illustrate different figures such as animals or people. Of course, modern designs are a bit out of the trend of sculpture created on stones. 

For installation art and sculptures, you should rely on experts

Beyond what the differences between installation art and sculptures represent, you should know who are the best for each task. We even consider that having a consulting service that works with both modalities is extremely important. After all, we never know when we need one or the other artistic style to decorate a larger or smaller space.

It is also important to look at the reputation of the consultants we hire. The art community is evolved enough that we can know a little bit about the general opinion. Even more so when we are talking about Florida, one of the states where art is most important. This is due to the number of companies that live from its image, especially in the tourism sector.

If you are looking for someone to work with to develop a sculpture or installation art project. We have the ideal option. One of the agencies that not only lives from its prestige, but also from the day to day work. You will notice from the first moment that you are working with true professionals willing to listen to you and provide you with the best artistic solutions at all times.

Installation art and sculptures with Smartart

Didn’t you know about Smart Art? The agency works based on the differences between installation art and sculptures. Once you contact us, you will have at your disposal all kinds of tools that will allow you to develop quality artistic projects. We differentiate ourselves from the rest because we have professionals with great experience and high performance tools.

Art is composed of so many things that it is difficult to pay attention to everything. However, with the right team, you can create great projects at the best price. Of course, economy is also important and that’s why we always try to help our clients every time we start a project. Of course, we also pay attention to the quality of the materials used for the project.

Creating a space that is characterized by its artistic essence is not complicated. In fact, with Smartart you can feel the difference. Contact us now and let’s start planning your next creative project.

At Smart Art we specialize in installation art and sculptures!



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