Design Must-Haves For Your Hotel Lobby

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Design Must-Haves For Your Hotel Lobby

hospitality art consultantsWhen you run a hotel, it’s essential to focus on guest experience. Otherwise, your establishment may find it a challenge to secure customer loyalty. There are many facets that play a part in guest satisfaction, including the actual design of your hotel. The interior design featured in your rooms matters quite a bit, as does the layout of and the elements included in your lobby. In today’s post, we’ll talk about a few must-have features that’ll turn your hotel’s lobby from basic to brilliant.

Excellent Lighting

The lighting in your lobby will serve a few different purposes. The most obvious of these is to ensure your guests can see where they’re going and navigate there safely. But that’s not the only thing to consider with your lighting. The lighting you feature in your lobby should be elegant, warm, and unique. You can create a relaxing atmosphere by utilizing several different types of lighting. You might devote one area of the lobby to a large statement lighting feature and add more practical (yet artistic) light sources throughout the rest of the space. Usually, you’ll want a good mix of decorative and functional lighting, with the ability to transition from day to night.

Impressive Reception Area

If you want to know how to improve guest satisfaction in hotels, this mission often starts with focusing on customer service. And in order to provide the best possible customer service from the start, you need to have an impressive reception area that will serve your guests’ needs. Since the reception desk is the first stop for guests who are checking into your establishment, you need to set the right tone as soon as they walk in the door. The desk should be large, functional, and uncluttered; in terms of style, it should be cohesive with the rest of the decor and hotel art you’ve chosen. There should also be no question as to where your guests should go when they arrive. The reception desk (and its location) should be obvious to all.

Ample Seating Options

The lobby in your hotel isn’t only for guests who are checking in or checking out. It also needs to serve as a comfortable waiting place. Whether waiting for friends and family to arrive or simply passing the time before an appointment or a meal, the lobby has to provide places for guests to sit a spell. Ideally, there should be more than enough seating to accommodate a large number of guests (as well as their luggage and other special needs). The fabrics chosen should be durable and of high quality. There should be versatile options that can suit a variety of needs, regardless of how long your guests have to wait.

Beautiful Artwork

Of course, your hotel lobby design ideas won’t be complete without wall art and other pieces. Keep in mind that when subjects look at a beautiful painting, blood flow in the “joy response” part of the brain increases by 10%. That’s the same as the sensation we experience when we look at a loved one. Therefore, working with hospitality art consultants can allow you to create a personal, long-lasting connection with guests.

The style of artwork you choose should be reflective of your brand and the message you want to send to guests. Is your hotel traditional or quirky? Do you want to appeal to those traveling on business or couples on romantic getaways? If your hotel is located on the beach, your overall interior design style will likely differ from a hotel located in a large city or in the mountains. Working with hospitality art consultants can help you attain a clearer picture (pun intended) of the type of wall art, sculpture, and decor you should include in your hotel lobby. Not only will these hospitality art consultants provide you with general advice and an art design plan, but they’ll also source these pieces for you — which will allow you to focus on other aspects of your lobby design.

Your hotel lobby should have a warm and welcoming atmosphere that perfectly captures what you have to offer. And by prioritizing your work with hospitality art consultants, you can make an incredible first impression on your guests.



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