Some reasons why you should have corporate art work in your office ?️

Corporate art work is very important to your office in many ways

Some reasons why you should have corporate art work in your office ?️

Corporate art work has had only a decoration function until a few years ago, but nowadays it evolved and it is a much more important thing. In fact, it is now considered as a great way to achieve a good work environment, and many other positive points.

Thanks to the new concept of space works centered on people, interiorist an decorators are noticing the importance of art work. So, if you want to learn more about how corporate art work benefits work environments, we invite you to keep reading this article.

Why should you have corporate artwork in your office?

On Smart Art, we are going to analyze the reasons why it is important to have art work in your work space. There are many factors that are related to workers, but there are also others related to the corporation, so keep reading to discover more about it!

Benefits for workers of having corporate art work in the office

As we already established, there are many benefits for workers by having art work in their office, and now we are going to discover some of them.

1. Innovation and creativity

Talking about a corporation is, without any doubt, talking about innovation, and innovation requires creativity. Creativity has the virtue of light and keeps alive the fire of motivation and that in short, medium and long term makes workers productivity grow.

On a side, a corporation that has corporate art work differences a 95% of its competence. Betting on creativity and innovation makes it easier to reclute workers that are more productive because they’re feeling better in their work centers.

2. Teambuilding, attracting talent and motivation

There are initiatives from corporations where workers work as an inspiration for artists on the elaboration of murals, or are the proper workers who are implicated directly on the creation of the piece. That makes corporate art work an action of teambuilding, being a way to strengthen ties between employees, unite relations between employees and superiors, and to let employees know that they’re a productive and creative part of the corporation.

3. Stress reduction and reflexive thoughts

Studies say that art and culture exposure in work space, contributes to the development of the process of reflexive thoughts. In the same way, decorating with paintings and art in the office reduces stress and improves the mood and quality of life of all workers.

Benefits for enterprises of having corporate art work in the office

If there are benefits for employees, there are also benefits for the enterprises that have corporate art work in their offices. If you are interested in this point as a boss, we suggest you keep reading and learn more about what we have to tell you.

  • Branding. It helps to communicate the brand image and the values of the enterprise

The art provides an elegant way to communicate the image and the values of a brand. The decision to choose a way of art more emerging, contemporary, classic or different themes or styles, can define in a direct way what are the mission, vision and values of an enterprise.

The key is making it in a direct way where pieces and the massages in the corporate art work really helps to communicate the essence of the company.

  • Cheap. Inversion in the long term

Choosing emerging and up-and-coming artists can be a fundamental piece when we have to convert the art work to inversion in the long term. Despite it not being the principal goal of the enterprise, rentability is one of the points that we have to take into account.

  • Social. Corporate social responsibility

Today, almost all companies that strive for growth have social principles in their values. There are either actions that impact the well-being of workers or actions that impact society in general.

  • External and internal support

There are enterprises that choose to relate with art from the sponsorship of events or shows with which they reward customers and employees. External sponsorship is the most used form to support corporate art work to the enterprises. 

How to create spaces with corporate artwork

The installation of a work of art in the office must be a planned action; factors such as lighting and weight must be considered. All of this should be considered, in order to create a balanced composition and space.

Traditional forms of art (painting, engraving and sculpture) remain the most popular, but within the corporate environment there is also room for and great acceptance of new creations such as digital art and integrated works in the form of murals.Corporate art work, then, represents an enormous potential as a generator to create a stimulating environment. All this, incorporating it not only translates into an improvement of individual and collective well-being, but also positively influences the productivity of employees and the retention of the best people in your organization.



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