Is Corporate Art the New Office Supply?

Is Corporate Art the New Office Supply?

Many of our past BCA 10 honorees boast robust art collections—notable mentions include this year’s honorees Hallmark Cards, Inc., which has one of the earliest and most extensive corporate art collections in the United States; Thrivent Financial, which has the largest religious corporate art collection in the world; and 2014 BCA Hall of Fame inductee John Deere, which has been commissioning artworks for its collection since the 1960s.

The following article from delves into the corporate art collection of UBS, 2005 BCA Hall of Fame inductee, which contains enough artwork for every two employees in the firm’s global workforce of around 60,000 people. The collection is recognized as one of the most impressive corporate art collections in the world. But what is the advantage to a corporation, such as UBS, purchasing and displaying art? What impact does it have on employees? The business? Read on to learn how adding art to your office supply list may just be the thing your business needs to build its competitive advantage.



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