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SmArtArt strives to impact the visual appeal from corporate, educational & hospitality environments to healthcare facilities. We service clients both nationally & internationally. We manage every step within the art development & supply chain process, from art consulting to manufacturing & installation. Our company specializes in contract & customized artworks, framing, alternative wall decor & accessories.

SmArtArt works with designers and end users to create concepts for the projects, collaborating with them in all art options that complement their project’s vision & budget. We pride ourselves on our uncompromising quality, short lead times & competitive pricing.

SmArtArt is proudly celebrating over 15 years in business. We are a trusted partner with leading international hospitality brands, hospitals & corporations, by carefully maintaining their brand standards.


Corporate Art Consultant Atalya Alkalay

Atalya Alkalay

After serving in the Israeli army as a Publishing Coordinator, I studied Interior Design in Florence Italy. Upon my return, I worked at Cordova Studio in TLV designing INTL Tradeshow Booths. After 4 yrs, I moved to NYC and studied Display & Exhibit Design at FIT. As a student I worked as an Art Director in a firm that represented commercial Illustrators. I got married and had 2 kids so I have given up my dream to graduate in Museum Studies as planned. Instead, I took classes in Fine Art Appraisal at NYU and I am a certified fine Art Appraiser since getting my certificate in 2002.

In 2000 I moved with my family to Boca Raton, Florida where I still live up to date.

In 2002 I founded SmArtArt, an art consulting firm out of Deerfield beach, FL. SmArtArt strives to impact the visual appeal – from corporate, educational and hospitality environments to healthcare facilities, servicing  clients both nationally and internationally by managing every step within the art concept, development and supply process including manufacturing and professional installation. Our company specializes in contract and customized artwork and framing, completed by alternative wall décor, sculptures and accessories. SmArtArt is a trusted partner with leading international hospitality brands , healthcare providers and major corporations, by carefully maintaining their brand standards.

Thuraya Khatab

Thuraya Khatab

From designing luxurious palaces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s top royalty to helping a family renovate a three-bedroom condo in Boca Raton, I apply the same principles I’ve used during my 20 plus years as a professional interior designer.

“The environment may be different, but clients still want to be surrounded by beautiful things/art that make them happy, no matter where they are”

I began my career, with a leading architecture firm in Kuwait. Other residential and commercial jobs followed in Lebanon Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, including retail shops, model homes, commercial banks, hospitality projects and healthcare facilities. I also presented a series of 20 weekly TV episodes on Interior Design as well as teaching design in an affiliated British curriculum.

In reflecting on my time as a design professional, I recall: Wherever I lived, it was important to learn about the culture of the area to fulfill the design requirements of clients.

In 2003, my husband and I decided to move back to the US to raise our two boys, quickly settling in Florida. I worked closely with builders and architects in designing medical clinics, waterfront condos, clothing boutiques and kitchen/bath remodels and art consulting. For six years, I worked with Bryan Ashley, providing interior designs for five-star hospitality projects. I was also a design consultant for the Breakers, Trump Towers and several Margaritaville hotels, working with interior designers and architects.

These diverse transitions have given me a perspective rarely experienced by many designers.

Guilherme “Gui” Falabella

Guilherme “Gui” Falabella

I am originally from Brazil, where I got an associate degree in Entrepreneurship, then a Bachelor’s in Business Management, and later an undergrad extension in Logistics. I have a diverse professional career: started my professional life at a local bank, got promoted after only one year, but actually decided to change to a more “exciting” industry. I then joined a management trainee program in Logistics at the world’s third-largest refractory manufacturing company, also in Brazil. I got hired and later promoted there, but was still pursuing “something else”. Thinking I wanted to become an entrepreneur, left the factory after almost 3 years to join and expand our family business. At one point in time we had 2 restaurants, 2 bowling alleys and 3 clothing retail stores under our group. After 8 years of managing our companies, I decided to get a Masters Degree in the US and moved over to study. I fell in love with this country and started interning at a business consulting firm. When I got my Masters in Finance, in 2018, decided to stay for good in the US, and joined SmartArt. As one of the managers and partners in the company, my role is to help it grow even more, in a sustainable and client-oriented way.

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Alex Cabral

I was born in April 1970 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of the State of Mato Grosso in 1994, and did post-grad extension courses in Business Management by the Federal University of the State of Parana (2003) and in Real Estate Construction by Getulio Vargas Foundation (2018). I am qualified in electrical, electronics and telecommunications areas, and hold several Technical and specialization courses, including Project Management by the Project Management Institute (PMI). From freelancer engineer to production plant manager at soft drink factory and at an ice cream factory, I also acted as Logistics Coordinator, and act continuously as an electrical engineer.

Since 2010 I have specialized in project management and in health care facilities. My proactive personality and extensive professional background serve me well in managing SmartArt’s finances and projects, as well as in helping the company to expand its services to fit even better in our more automated and technological era.