Importance of choosing art for hotels: A key to attract new clients on an easy way ????

Discover the importance of choosing art for hotels with us!

Importance of choosing art for hotels: A key to attract new clients on an easy way ????

Choosing art for hotels is a big deal for the industry, in order to make its spaces more attractive with only one goal: Get new clients. Despite that, in the industry it is harder everyday to find a new proposal to catch attention in an organic way.

Thinking of that, it is also important that this way to catch clients’ attention could be affordable. To make it, an important step is to choose the area where you want to specialize and create a concrete concept.

A trend that is currently working is to use the art as the center of the identity of the hotel. Taking it into consideration, there are many establishments, national and international, focused on an artistic concept. If you would like to know a little about what we are talking about, here you have some examples of it:

Examples of the importance of choosing art for hotels

Now, we are going to give you some clear examples of hotels that offer innovative and attractive alternatives for the public. With this, we hope you get some inspiration and fully understand the importance of art in hotels.

The exhibitionist hotel

The exhibitionist hotel is located in London, United Kingdom, and without any doubt it is a five star boutique hotel. It has 37 rooms and every hallway is individually designed and has different expositions.

In addition, it has personnel in charge of highlighting its artistic concept. Definitely, it is a perfect example that choosing art for hotels is a more important issue than many people think.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Shanghai

5-star hotel located in China.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Shanghai, a 5 star hotel located in China. The most characteristic feature of this hotel is probably its residence for artists and the various workshops where artists can work. At the end of the stay, each artist leaves a work that becomes part of the hotel. 

Hotel Puerta América

Hotel Puerta de América, or Door of America Hotel is located in Madrid, Spain. It is a 5-star hotel, special because it has 12 floors decorated in a unique and different way.

Thanks to the help of 19 architectural studios and designers of worldwide prestige, it definitely is another example of the importance of choosing art for hotels.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

The 4-star Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is located in Ibiza, a spanish island, and focuses on contemporary art. Each room is dedicated to a different artist and contains one of his works as a decorative element. 

In addition, the hotel hosts different artists on weekends and includes activities that reinforce this concept. Of course, in Smart Art we think that it is a great way for this hotel to catch new clients in an original way.

Brondo Architect Hotel

The 4-star Brondo Architect Hotel is located in the heart of the old town of Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. It is a space with an industrial design that brings together the Mallorcan architecture of the seventeenth century. 

It has 33 rooms and, as a curious fact, its suites, instead of being numbered, are named after renowned architects. In addition, the hotel has temporary exhibitions and local street music throughout the year.

Belmond La Residencia

The 5-star Belmond La Residencia hotel, also located in Mallorca, has qualified staff with whom you can take art tours in the surrounding area. Other activities such as sculpture classes or portrait services are also available and a great way of attracting clients by choosing art for hotels.

Tips for choosing art for hotels

Decoration is extremely important, especially when it comes to professional spaces. When we decorate the living room at home we choose the decoration that we like the most, but if we talk about decorating a store we must take into account the image of the business.

One of the characteristics a client looks at most when choosing a hotel is precisely the decoration. Whether it is modern, classic, minimalist, luxurious, cheerful, elegant, romantic… In order not to confuse guests, everything must follow the same style, from the lobby to the bathroom of each room and bedroom.

Hang culture on the wall

There is nothing that attracts attention and helps create a rounded atmosphere more than culture, and it is very important when we are choosing art for hotels. Foreign clients, whether they are tourists or business people, have a mental image of the place before they arrive.

Add color, but not too much!

Hotel industry often decorate their hotels according to corporate colors but this is not always a good idea. A hotel is a place to rest but, once again, the attitude of the guests, the area and the architecture of the hotel dictate the most appropriate chromatic ranges.

There are small differences between the decoration of the rooms and those of the common areas such as the dining room, lobby, etc. Intense colors such as red, are ideal to generate a good first impression but fatal to ensure rest. From Smart Art, we recommend using soft tones for the rooms.

Brighten up your waiting time with a Gallery Wall!

A Gallery Art Wall could be a really great idea when you’re choosing art for hotels!

As we have already mentioned, decorating a hotel is not about buying many of the same paintings. The decoration of the waiting rooms, the lobby, the lounge, the bar, etc. has different characteristics. 

This is where guests spend the most time and need to be entertained, and what better way than by looking at art? Therefore, it is highly recommended to create a Gallery Wall.



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